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    Imported Cajun from Arkansas writes:

    I thought the poem by Richard Lewis was really very nice. I must confess, however that it gave me the idea to expand it, as everyone of us fans are enjoying this year like no other in the Saints History. I have been a fan since the beginning and actually was at the first game in 1967 and witnessed John Gilliam run the kickoff back for the Saints 1st TD. What did I know, I thought we would win the championship that year. I hope you don't mind but this is my "expanded" version of that great win.

    Ode to the NFC Championship

    The Vikings came in so strong and so proud,
    To unseat the powerful Saints before their home crowd.
    The Saints offense was the best,
    Just to say the least,
    Because their passing and running game is a seven headed beast.
    The Vikings lined up with a will to survive,
    And with the first play of the game,
    The Super Dome came alive.
    Farve dropped back into the pocket looking to throw,
    But Sidney Rice was covered by Greer like the ground blanketed by snow.
    Farve looked to his left and rolled out to his right,
    But McCray & Will Smith rushed in from nowhere, And "kissed" him goodnight!
    Our Defense made the stop, though it wasn't with ease.
    Now it's time for our Best Weapon.
    Can You say Drew Brees?
    When the Saints got the Ball,
    On a First and a Ten,
    Brees found P.T. in the flat,
    And He cruised right on in.
    He next found Reggie who gave it his all,
    Went to the endzone on a controversial call.
    [COLOR="Red"]The hittin was brutal, Best I ever seen.
    Vilma and the Scotts were tacklin machines.
    The Vikes thought they could elude us,
    By running past Harper.
    Say hello to your ex-teamate, "Bam".... His name's Darren Sharper.
    The Game got intense, and Bodies was flyin,
    It wasn't no chess match, You know I a'int lying.
    Vikes led the stats and thought they couldn't be humbled,
    Till Saints played like Sinners and created Some fumbles.
    The Saints played the game perfect (?) And that, made You wonder,
    As The Super Dome crowd was roaring like Thunder,
    The Vikings looked spent and tired,
    Like they had been plunder(ed).[/COLOR]"Time Out" (to rest) Vikes looking befuddled.
    "Wait a Damn minute, There's 12 men in yo huddle"!
    Thank goodness the referee made the right call.
    Now the "D" has to step up, They still got the Ball.

    One last play of the game for Favre to change outcome and perception.
    Tracy Porter read them eyes.
    And came up with a BIG interception.
    So the game went to overtime causing a lot of drama,
    But Hartley's kick down the pipe caused the Vikes to cry for their Mamma.
    When the final play ended,
    The Vikings were shaking cold and clammy,
    They were last seen on the sideline crying into a shammy,
    Cursing their miscues, They thought were a whammy.
    Now isn't it funny how life can unfold.
    After waiting a lifetime, The Saints are finally in the Super Bowl!
    Florida will Never be the same
    Since we waited over 40.
    Saints Fans invading Yo Town,
    To bring home the Lombardi
    On the Week before Mardi Gras
    There'll be one helluva PARTY.

    BY Richard Lewis of Louisiana and Al Medley formerly of New Orleans.
    Posted 01-28-2010 at 08:21 AM by BigAlHeDMan BigAlHeDMan is offline
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    Posted 01-20-2010 at 07:07 PM by homerj07 homerj07 is offline

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