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    Somebody pinch me!I've watched the Saints since the game against the Rams at the old Tulane Stadium.The signing of Archie Manning,and watching Archie in the shotgun offense with the defense getting to Archie at about the same time as he received the snap from center.Talk about swiss cheese offense.Then we were beaten into submission by the dirty birds,then ca me the Aints.It's been a hell of a ride.My Dad used to say he would never live long enough to see the Saints have a winning season an i would be lucky if they won a playoff game in my lifetime.He was half right.CONGRATS TO THE ENTIRE NEW ORLEANS SAINTS FOOTBALL TEAM AND ORGANIZATION.ALSO CONGRATS TO ALL OF THE FANS OF WHO DAT NATION.THE BEST FANS IN THE WORLD.WE LOVE YOU NEW ORLEANS!!!
    Posted 02-15-2010 at 09:53 AM by Gdunk49 Gdunk49 is offline

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