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    Why Mark Ingram WILL have Monster year . . ..

    Khiry will probably have a better season, but you never know. Ingram is certainly capable of doing good things. But remember: The Saints DID NOT extend Ingram's contract. That, to me, sent a clear signal that the Saints don't see Ingram as the face of its running game. Just my humble opinion...
    Posted 07-04-2014 at 09:07 AM by Stealthman Stealthman is offline
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    Why Mark Ingram WILL have Monster year . . ..

    I'm hoping for it! Geaux Ingram!!!!!!!!!!!
    Posted 06-11-2014 at 05:22 PM by Halo Halo is offline
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    Why I wanted to trade Jimmy Graham

    As I believe I've pointed out in other posts the ship of JG being gone has sailed. There are only three possible outcomes and one is virtually impossible:

    1. Long term contract
    2. JG plays under the 1 year tender.
    3. JG holds out the entire season (this is the virtually impossibility)

    It's just not possible to separate a player from the context they play in. Stating that JG would be a lesser player on another team is a moot point. The point is over the last 3 years JG has had close to historic production for a TE in the system he's in. To let that production get away for nothing would be foolish on the team's part.

    As for the money, we all know that all NFL contracts are barely worth the paper they are written on. The only money that counts is the guaranteed money. Everything else is subject to restructure or if necessary releasing the player on the back end of the contract. As you can see from the last 4-5 QB contracts, that Brees' $60 million guaranteed is almost a bargain. And he will restructure when the times comes and if he wants to continue playing.

    And Dave, it's not possible to trade a player that you do not have under contract. As of this moment JG is a free agent. The Saints only rights to him are under the franchise tender. They have no rights to trade.

    And once again I just have to wonder about everyone's frustration about someone trying to get paid a fair wage to do their job. Despite the fact that the discussion is about 10s of millions of dollars, I'd bet a dime to a dollar that we would all operate under the same principles if we were in a similar situation.

    1. If you were doing a job for a training wage and you were doing the job better than anyone has ever done it, when it was time to sign for the contract, would you not want to get as much as you could?

    2. If you had an opportunity to reclassify your job position and get a 20% raise, would you not put in the paperwork?

    3. If other companies were offering you top dollar for your services, would you not go back to the company you were working for and ask for a raise that's close the offers you are getting from others?

    4. Would you expect your family and friends to get mad with you because you are trying to get paid?

    5. Finally if the offer wasn't as good as the outside offers would you stay with your current company and give them "the hometown discount" out of loyalty?

    I know we are all passionate about the Saints. But this is business and making a living for the players, staff, and organizations. I fully expect that top rated players are going ask for, and are often given, close to fair market value for their services. To expect otherwise is nonsensical.

    I still shake my head at fans that thought that we needed to let Brees go during his last contract negotiation.

    Let me give you some prospective on this. There are currently 8 tight ends in the NFL HOF (with Gonzales and Gates to be locks). With 41 TDs over 4 years Graham has already passed 3 of them on the all time TD list. With 15 more (not an unreasonable goal for 2014), he will have passed everyone except for Shannon Sharpe. He will have more TDs than Jason Witten (currently at 52) in half the time.

    Just think about it a bit...

    Posted 06-09-2014 at 10:06 AM by SaintFanInATLHELL SaintFanInATLHELL is offline
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    Why I wanted to trade Jimmy Graham


    I'm so tired of this bull with Graham...U know u r not a wide receiver...U even was elected to the Pro Bowl as a Tight End... The Saints were willing to make u the highest paid tight end which u rightfully deserved... I don't know if Graham is taking this approach himself or listening to his agent or what but it needs to come to an end... Like I've stated before, we won a ring without him, even though it would be very nice to have him for this run, we've shown we can do it without him... And now with the pieces we've added I feel this team is just as good if not better than the '09 team... So if he can't get his mind right, Mickey should go ahead and pull the trigger for a trade and take a 1st and two 3s ... We wouldn't have the burden of his contract and we can sign a Jermicheal Finley if he is physically fit...

    Talk to a team of our liking, preferably Tennessee or Buffalo (AFC)
    Seattle, New England and San Francisco can offer all they want but no dice...

    Posted 06-08-2014 at 04:09 PM by davethe3 davethe3 is offline
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    Why I wanted to trade Jimmy Graham

    Not quite sure how you would want to let go of a 6'6 270 pound TE who runs like a deer when healthy. The guy was having a MONSTER season until his injury week 6. He tore his Plantar Fascia man, this causes some serious pain. Still, his play only suffered in a few games against teams who had good game plans to take him out of the game. He finished the season with 86 grabs for 1,215 yards with 16 TDs(league leading) with a 14.1 average. Including six 100+ yard games. Some one else has to step up in games against teams that have an effective game plan, Jimmy can't do everything. With Cooks being the threat he is I think the pressure will be taken back off a Graham and he will have another monster season. Not trying to bash you. I just feel like he's worth it.
    Posted 06-08-2014 at 03:54 PM by whodatson504 whodatson504 is offline
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    From Baby Stunna

    She makes me so proud heres to you cowboys

    ...or should i say cowgirls
    Posted 09-03-2012 at 12:54 PM by SAINTstunna SAINTstunna is offline
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    from SAINTstunna's daughter

    My daughter also came up with a great one! Here's how a B&G member counts to 6, in Spanish ...

    Posted 01-14-2012 at 02:57 PM by neugey neugey is offline
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    from SAINTstunna's daughter


    Black & Gold cat says....


    Posted 01-14-2012 at 01:27 PM by Halo Halo is offline
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    Posted 01-14-2012 at 11:21 AM by saintfan saintfan is offline
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    Posted 01-14-2012 at 09:55 AM by neugey neugey is offline
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    from SAINTstunna's daughter

    THAT'S MY DAUGHTER!!!!!!!...........theres a fine line between INFLUENCING and BRAINWASHING....MOO OOOH OOOOH AAAH AAAH AAAAHHHHHHH.............. who datt!
    Posted 01-14-2012 at 09:47 AM by SAINTstunna SAINTstunna is offline
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    from SAINTstunna's daughter

    I see your Dad's raising you right ....
    Posted 01-14-2012 at 04:15 AM by SloMotion SloMotion is offline
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    from SAINTstunna's daughter

    Yeah you right! WhoDat!
    Posted 01-14-2012 at 12:22 AM by realheavyd realheavyd is offline
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    Yea, I kind of thought that was the case with the attempt at the fourth down early--but it made sense when the Saints' did it, with Detroit scoring almost at will. Early in the game, well, it just didn't cut it. Kick the field goal, and who knows. Three points is three points early.

    I noticed something about Eli--he plays a whole lot better once he gets pissed off, after that sack.

    I just think they peaked early, and have been on the decline for a while, and had a bit of that "we aren't quite good enough," despair.

    I guess it's old news. Steelers were like the Saints' last year, just too damn beaten up to compete.
    Posted 01-09-2012 at 02:34 PM by mike27 mike27 is offline
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    SAINTstunna's Avatar


    I expected a shootout to be honest. I didn't expect ATLANTA to win, but I thought JULIO JONES, RODDY WHITE and TURNER to do their usual damage and have at least a decent game. MAYBE SMITH SAW WHAT THE SAINTS DID AND TRIED TO COPY THE AGGRESSIVE SCHEME. I don't know.
    Posted 01-09-2012 at 12:57 PM by SAINTstunna SAINTstunna is offline
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    Yea, WTF was that anyway. One safety? And why not just kick the field goal early in the game? I can see that later on, if they were really behind, but just hit the scoreboard with 3 points, and move on. No, it probably wasn't going to make much of a difference, but who knows. Nothing like being behind, even by a few points, to make a difference in the mentality.

    I kind of feel like they might've had a feeling of despair, that if they did win, they'd just have to face GB again, then even if they managed a Teebow miracle and got through that one, they'd have to play the Saints' again, who seemed to improve between their two regular season games.

    I don't know, maybe they just peaked during the Saints' first game. Perhaps they got the season-long feeling after losing that game that the team gets during a game, when the time is too short, and the points of the opponent are too high to win, and the play becomes listless and unmotivated.
    Posted 01-09-2012 at 11:45 AM by mike27 mike27 is offline
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    I'd rather just enjoy it while it lasts!! But I'd be willing to go with two!
    Posted 01-09-2012 at 11:29 AM by mike27 mike27 is offline
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    UK_WhoDat's Avatar

    Punch'em in the mouth


    Well done for:
    1. Putting in writing what your thoughts were.
    2. Getting it right - near as damn it.
    Posted 01-08-2012 at 06:14 AM by UK_WhoDat UK_WhoDat is offline
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    SloMotion's Avatar

    Punch'em in the mouth

    IDK, it's not like all season our defense has had to be preoccupied for a team to run on us . . . 100yds is almost a given . . . we're hoping Fairley will make a difference, and Suh too if you guys haven't already figured out to just him blow into the backfield and run a trap like everybody else in the league has.

    go Lions.
    Posted 01-06-2012 at 11:35 AM by SloMotion SloMotion is offline

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