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Sean Payton..Offensive Coordinator..Not Head Coach

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Posted 12-30-2007 at 05:14 PM by abutler

Sean Payton is a scientist when it comes to drawing up plays. He's also reliable in doing his homework on stats and percentages, and he ensures everything looks good on paper. However; games aren't won on paper. Games are won by much more. One especially important intangible that Sean Payton lacks is feel. This has been OBVIOUSLY EVIDENT since he brought the Saints up to Chicago for the NFC Championship game. They showed up on Saturday night for Sunday's Championship game. I heard him say that he wanted it to be just like any other game for the Saints. I was there with my brother and we wanted to scream in his face, "What the hell were you working for all season! How can you not find a special significance for the "NFC Championship? After everything this team has done"! We are talking about the game before the Superbowl! Any reasonable coach would not take a southern-dome-team up to Chicago in January weather without attempting to acclimate his team before game time. Doesn't he have any idea what Chicago in January would be like. I would imagine that the idea of winning such an important game in itself would bring some common sense to a head coach at this leve. Wouldn't it? Shouldn't it? I wanted vengence from that loss to end the 07 season. I'm sure the Saints weren't up there 3 or 4 days prior for this game either. There is too much to question with Sean Payton's judgement. He doesn't understand the game's momentum and he doesn't know how to manage the clock by saving challenges and timeouts. He's made poor decisions all year in his quest for the "spark"! He doesn't even realize how good his team is and why the Saints don't need a "spark". We already have plenty of "spark". We need the fundamental, common sense approach from the head coach to transform those sparks into a raging fire. Sean Payton is one of the best offensive coordinators in the league. That's all he is and all he can be for the Black and Gold. He needs supervision. Do we expect him to make smart common sense decisions next year or during the off season? I hope not. FAITH!
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    Euphoria's Avatar
    Hindsight is a lot better a year later. The man took the team from 3-13 to the NFC championship game and you are doubting a bad decision he made??? Thats crazy!

    We over acheived and thats is all. Now here is reality in your face deal with it. Coaches are human as well as players, they all make mistakes and this off season we will see what Sean has learned from this past year.
    Posted 12-31-2007 at 04:48 PM by Euphoria Euphoria is offline

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    hagan714's Avatar
    we stayed healthy!!!!!! this year we have a long list of injuries. No excuses for the 0-4 start though
    Posted 01-07-2008 at 06:13 AM by hagan714 hagan714 is offline
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    Sean! I forgive you! The past is over! Let's get it done this year!

    WHO DAT!

    P.S. Is there any way I could tryout to be your challenge analyst? Seriously, I won't disappoint!
    Posted 01-09-2008 at 04:24 PM by abutler abutler is offline
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    one word popped up in my head when I read this "idiot"...are you serious? everything you just wrote was retarded...basically you are saying he is a bad coach because we lost the nfc championship...shut up
    Posted 03-01-2008 at 07:03 PM by saintspassion saintspassion is offline
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    Memnoch_TP's Avatar
    He has some ups and some downs as a head coach. He has not done everything perfectly. Sean Payton, like everyone else, learns through trial and error.

    When he starts being consistently retarded like Haslett was, I'll jump on your bandwagon. Until then, you need to get a grasp on the fact that if every head coach was replaced when they made a mistake, there would be NO head coaches in this league.

    Everyone is upset with the loss to the Bears, and last years disappointing season. We still have a good team, and a good coach. Replacing Payton would be RETARDED at this point.

    Frankly, I don't even know why I am responding to this post because it was a waste of time to read in the first place.
    Posted 03-06-2008 at 03:37 PM by Memnoch_TP Memnoch_TP is offline
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