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    A note to Edison Chouest

    Oh Peja has ton of trade value, much like Josh Howard had trade value....his contract is coming up this year, and people will want to get that money off the books.

    I know Rudy Gay would make a lovely addiition to the Hornets, and a Sign and Trade for Peja will help out greatly.

    Having an owner with Deep pockets helps your team keep its players....on the other hand, Bosh will be a free agent and with the Soft Cap the Hornets couldnt sign him out right. Thats why you have so many other teams *Nets, Knicks, Clippers* Dump players contrats and take on players that have contracts that are nearly up.

    Here is a list of players that I think the hornets should go after either via trade.

    Chris Bosh
    Rudy Gay
    Michael Beasley
    Greg Oden
    Joe Johnson
    Brandon Heywood

    The hornets can move peja with a combo of West, Collinson, or Posey and pretty much have a shot at picking up anyone that falls into the sign and trade range of free agents.
    Posted 04-12-2010 at 01:34 PM by SoulStar SoulStar is offline
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    saintsfan1976's Avatar

    A note to Edison Chouest

    Tanks for the comment Soulstar.

    But, Devin Harris and CP3 don't belong in the same conversation. I wouldn't think Avery Johnson needs to 'coach up' a player like Paul. He'd only help foster the enthusiasm Paul already possesses.

    I think Peja has played his last game for the Hornets - and the worst part is he has zero trade value...

    Bosh a dream? Why not - especially if we have Chouest money to play with.

    Oden, man I don't know... Even though I'm not a David West fan, I like that he's at least on the floor (and not just laying there) lol
    Posted 04-12-2010 at 08:41 AM by saintsfan1976 saintsfan1976 is online now
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    SoulStar's Avatar

    A note to Edison Chouest

    Avery is not a players coach, he is a hard ass that nearly drove Devin Harris insane during his time with Dallas. I feel that alot of his antics with Harris were needed, but that same stuff wont and shouldnt fly with CP3.

    Moving Peja is a good thought, and should be very easy considering he is in the final year of his contract, and 15 million coming off the books with make alot of owners mouth water.

    Bosh is a dream trade, but if you trade for him why not try to also bring in Greg Oden by moving David West out to Portland, if he can finally stay health then youve got something, and if not you still got a lottery draft pick to work with.

    I know alot of this is just a pipe dream, but I feel the hornets can make some moves with the new owner, gm, and head coach. The team has a ton of opitions now, and CP3 wont have to the carry the load much longer.
    Posted 04-12-2010 at 03:16 AM by SoulStar SoulStar is offline
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    Saints Twitter Feeds

    I've updated the list to add our newest player, Alex Brown!
    Posted 04-07-2010 at 08:38 PM by breesfan27 breesfan27 is offline
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    Saints Twitter Feeds

    I've updated the list again to add more players.
    Posted 03-27-2010 at 03:37 AM by breesfan27 breesfan27 is offline
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    Tracy Porter's Interception Memorialized forever in Tecmo Super Bowl

    Posted 03-17-2010 at 01:30 AM by L.A SAINT L.A SAINT is offline
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    Saints Twitter Feeds

    This is odd. The left side TweetBoard tab is missing on the main. I have tweetboard on my site and the tab shows so it know it is not a Work/Firewall thing. I do see Twitter in the upper right hand quad of the main but no tweetboard tab on the left.
    Posted 03-09-2010 at 02:32 PM by TheOak TheOak is offline
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    Saints Twitter Feeds

    I updated the list to add Tracy Porter's twitter page!
    Posted 03-09-2010 at 01:50 PM by breesfan27 breesfan27 is offline
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    Halo's Avatar

    Saints Twitter Feeds

    Originally Posted by x626xBlack View Comment
    What happened to the Tweetboard for B&G?
    Nothing. Visit the Home Page -

    On the Home Page click the button "Follow Us On Twitter"

    Posted 03-08-2010 at 01:34 PM by Halo Halo is offline
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    Saints Twitter Feeds

    What happened to the Tweetboard for B&G?
    Posted 03-08-2010 at 11:04 AM by TheOak TheOak is offline
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    CantonLegend's Avatar

    2010 Pre Combine Offensive Draft

    not a fan of spread centers. they dont run block like pro style linemen and they dont often get the handle of snapping to a QB with his hands up his butt

    i like pouncey and i think he is talented enough to play in the NFL but i dont like that he played in the spread because of the lack of quality game footage that is out there on him.

    gerhart? you think we need a running back?.....definitly could see us taking a FB, TE, or even WR in the 2nd or 3rd round.....but i cant see us taking a RB at all.....gerhart performed admirably in college and at the combine but i see him as more of a jacob hester type player that wont translate to the NFL
    Posted 03-01-2010 at 12:11 AM by CantonLegend CantonLegend is offline
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    2010 Pre Combine Defensive Draft

    Lets see what the combine brings. then the predrafts I look at may have some DTs rising or falling to us.
    Posted 02-27-2010 at 05:46 PM by hagan714 hagan714 is offline
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    CantonLegend's Avatar

    2010 Pre Combine Defensive Draft

    2 DE/OLBs, 2 Safeties, and only 1 DT?
    Posted 02-26-2010 at 01:01 PM by CantonLegend CantonLegend is offline
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    SmashMouth's Avatar

    2010 Pre Combine Defensive Draft

    OK... Mickey Hagan ... not sold on those yet ... still kinda early... but it's a nice start. Rolle could be good maybe in the third. How about the DT from Penn St in the first?
    Posted 02-24-2010 at 07:57 AM by SmashMouth SmashMouth is offline
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    Posted 02-23-2010 at 06:36 PM by hagan714 hagan714 is offline
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    2010 Pre Combine Defensive Draft

    Round 3

    Robert Johnson, Utah, FS, 6021, 236, 4.52

    Here is my mid round sleeper that is a classic centre fielder with a ton of upside. Johnson is big, strong; agile and better-than-average closing speed. He is a ball hawking, big play making FS with a flare for the dramatic. The EX-WR has sure hands and has good instincts on where he should be and the ball. There’s a price to pay when you come over the middle with him at FS. He breaks up passes with superb hits and the range to get over to the sideline. Plays the ball in front of him well. Very rarely misses tackles or takes a bad angle. Fills the alley fast with a bang in the box against the run. Good work habits. Energetic and vocal. Good football IQ. A leader.

    Johnson needs to learn consistency and better technique. He is maybe too stiff and high cut. Has trouble changing directions without slowing down. Tends to bite too much on play fakes. Needs to refine his coverage skills. Can get caught peeking into the backfield. Late a time or two getting over the top.

    He might not run as fast as Taylor Mays come combine day, but as a football player I like Johnson better. Ok Jenkins takes over the nickel for good next year and Gay is bumped to dime. Johnston will make an immediate impact on special teams in year one.

    Round 4

    DT, Linval Joseph, East Carolina, 6-6, 322, 5.27

    Linval Joseph is an under the radar DT from ECU. He is a mammoth DT who should see plenty of action in obvious run-down situations. At 6'6 325 pounds Joseph is a big force with good athleticism. He had 60 tackles, 13 for losses, 3 QB sacks. and 1 kick blocked (2 in 2008). He moves well for his size and is a great run stuffer. He can generate a bit of a push as a pass rusher, too. At 6'6" he does not need much of a push. He has also been used in "Refrigerator" Perry FB role.

    Could stand to be in better condition. Has a ways to go as a pass rusher.

    I know after the combine he will most likely rise out of reach here and we will have to be faced with a choice at the bottom of round three if we are to get a shot at him. I would have to pass in the third. But for now here is where most think he will go.

    Round 5
    Philadelphia from New Orleans - 2009 NFL Draft trade

    Round 6

    OLB/DE, Danny Batten, South Dakota State, 6023, 248, 4.68

    The Missouri Valley's co-Defensive Player of the Year along with Ruffin in '09, you got to be kidding. Here me out here. The 6'2/250-pound rusher was successfully tried at both outside and inside linebacker during February's Texas vs. Nation all-star event. Also asked to drop into coverage frequently after slimming down to the 245-pound range in 2009, Batten will appeal to teams that value versatility. He has the versatility to play either defensive end or outside linebacker should up his draft stock. Batten has a non stop motor

    Batten (6’3, 252, 4.61) has interesting measurable as he brings great speed but lacks the size that scouts look for during the draft. He will have to bulk up but shows promise due to his ability to drop into coverage, get to the quarterback, and make plays. He is limited athletically but has a high motor to make up for it. Over the last two years he has produced 26.5 tackles for loss and 12.5 sacks.

    I think he will be an immediate help on special teams.

    Round 7

    New England from New Orleans - TE David Thomas
    Posted 02-23-2010 at 06:23 PM by hagan714 hagan714 is offline
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    Posted 02-22-2010 at 12:51 PM by UK_WhoDat UK_WhoDat is offline
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    Posted 02-20-2010 at 12:36 PM by Halo Halo is offline
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    My Saints influenced Youtube Videos

    Really fantastic set of videos.

    Saintswrath - you got skills.

    Is there any way to get copies of these??
    Posted 02-19-2010 at 09:30 PM by homerj07 homerj07 is offline
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    Posted 02-19-2010 at 08:48 PM by homerj07 homerj07 is offline

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