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New Orleans Saints 2016 NFL Draft 3 - 78

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Posted 04-25-2016 at 12:01 PM by hagan714
Updated 04-25-2016 at 12:20 PM by hagan714

New Orleans Saints 2016 NFL Draft 3 - 78

This is when the fun really starts in the draft IMO

What the medical report again?

Jaylon Smith OLB/ILB Notre Dame 6025 240 4.56
Ok if you did not think about the pick in round 2 you either have him off your board or your running around the war muttering "Do I take him now or dare I wait another round." "Oh mercy me what am I to do?" You take him now

What was that kids malfunction again?

Rashard Robinson CB LSU 6014 171 4.40

I can see Andy Reed picking him and grinning. 2 in 2 years?
Talk about a player that interviews are everything. Talk about a talent almost to hard to ignore. Scheme fit? What scheme fit? You stick him out on an Island one on one and let him do his thing. If you want him to drop off into zone and pick up another player or anything really cute, you may have issues. Put him in the hip pocket.

Falls into your lap

Joshua Perry, LB Ohio State: 6036 254 4.68
TJ Green DB Clemson 6024 209 4.34

Artie Burnes DB Miami 5117 193 4.46
Gotta include a kid that adopts his young bothers and sister after pop lands in jail and mom suddenly dies. Top it off he had a kid of his own already. Want a player that steps up and takes responsibility head on? I can look no further than this kid. 100% admiration. By the way he is a darn good football player to boot with plenty of upside to land on this list and get a possible 3rd round steal label.

Reality sets in

Jordan Payton, WR, UCLA 6011 207 4.47
After Boyd this is next under rated WR. Route skills awareness and believe it our not Blocking too are all solid. Knows how to beat press coverage. A solid 4.47 should have answered the speed issue so many questioned. Solid is the key word with this kid if you have not picked up on it by now. Solid dependable smart and willing. What more do want out of a procession WR besides a few more inches?

Lets talk upside.

Miles Killebrew SS/LB Southern Utah 6017 217 4.51
Big, long safety who is scare violent BUT extremely raw in coverage. He is a LB playing SS? If you put another 20 or 30 on this kid in two to three years you may have something truly special with this kid. If he can learned the finer thing about coverage then same thing applies if you keep at SS. What direction do want to go with him is going to be the real question. Without a doubt he will be a special-teams demon from day one. We are talking all the special units here. So he will have a spot right out the gate while you work on him. This kid will not sit on bench.

Deion Jones OLB/SS LSU 6007 222 4.39
One year but like Lawson he really showed he can play and then there is that speed to go with solid coverage skills. Tempting pick without a doubt. All local saints fans know this kid. Another:
This kid will not sit on bench.

Kyler Fackrell, DE/LB, Utah State 6050 245 4.75
Big and long. versatility, excellent coverage skills and pass rusher potential yatta yatta yatta. Is he a poor man Lawson ? Or is he a poor mans Joshua Perry? The kid has plenty of room to bulk up that frame still. Will 30 pounds effect him as full time DE? Is he better off as a 3rd down OLB? Typical small school kid that needs to get coached up but it would appear he has the skill and know it all to do it.

Lets do a reach or is it really?

Connor McGovern, OG, Missouri 6042 305 5.11
The term “lite” is popular term when scouts talk about the Connor but it really does not hold any weight to it when evaluating this kid. The next is short armed and at 32 7/8 which I think your really starting to nick pick a bit since his home is inside at OG not at RT. Power is where his assets are, 33 rep and 690-pound squat. At 6042 the is plenty of room to pack 10 or 20 pounds onto a massive frame with little side effect. He is a 3 year starter at right guard, right tackle, and then left tackle as a senior so the term multi-positional diversity is representation of a smart athletic player IMO. "
multi-positional diversity" Sounds mighty PC to me.

Justin Simmons DB/SS Boston College 6025 201 4.53
Reliable Brainiac is my catch phrase for this kid. Simmons as a midfield tackler might be the best this draft has to offer. He also has a ball-hawking upside to boot. Not only is he instinctive but he is incredibly smart. What else would you expect from a BC Grad. Coverage is improving thanks to his time spent at CB this year but what is impressive in the pass game is the fact he goes with efficiency and reliability as his weapon of choice in coverage and tackling. As a run defender he can deliver those big explosive hits and he does. But he knows when to use it coverage and when not to. IMO years ahead of the game compared to many in the draft.

My Pick

Connor McGovern, OG, Missouri 6042 305 5.11

NEEDS Based: I am jumping on the slow moving train for yet another Missouri Tiger OL. The ones picked in the last few drafts that we all thought were going to be steals. only to see them go earlier than any of us thought. Including the national media. I just have to go needs in this round. Mitch Morse I under estimated and Connor could pass as his clone. I still have my favorite coke machine in the draft later also Evan Boehm. But Connor has shot at starting early and can kick out to either OT if needed.

Torn: Justin Simmons DB/SS Boston College 6025 201 4.53
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