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2016 NFL Draft Saint Review

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Posted 05-02-2016 at 01:13 AM by hagan714
Updated 08-16-2016 at 08:16 AM by hagan714

2016 NFL Draft Saint Review

This was my kind of draft. All the glamor potions, QB, WR, RB, CB, OT, OG and edge rushers were all lacking. The saints sitting at 12 could turn into power brokers for desperate teams. Teams started trading for QBs that would ride the bench and might not be top 20 QB in most drafts. The draft starts and teams start reaching for players based on upside more than what they did on the grid iron last year. Players started to drop. LMAO and thinking "We are still in the top 10, what a thing of beauty". Controversy was in the air and the the golden boy unrealistic image the NFL wants to feed us takes control. The Saints sit to reap the rewards. So what do the saints do round after round? As it unfolds before my eyes and all the hopes from last year draft and a faith I was about to give the new front office gets flushed down the toilet. The ugliness of the event unfold and here is the blow by blow.

Rd. 1 (12) Sheldon Rankins 6011 299 5.03
This is not the next coming of Warren Sapp. He is a small quick twitch DT. He can not change the play of the DT all by himself. He will need a NT to step up and be a spacer eater to free him up. This kid was shut out for to many games against good teams than I liked. His claims to fame is his rapid ascent during the NFL Draft Pageant against one of the weaker interior linemen a draft has seen in a good long while. He is good but he is not this good. He is not a corner stone on which a defense is built. He is an accent piece and this defense needs more than accents in the middle. So I will sit back and give him time. Crossing my fingers and toes on this pick .
My Grade C

Rd. 2 (47) Michael Thomas WR Ohio State 6026 212 4.57
A big WR was of need I agree. I am giving the kid a disclaimer though. OSU QB play was weird to say the least. As is anything Urban Myers has to says. To be one of the best second tier WR in a weak WR class is not saying much. Main fear? He is exactly what you see today and that is about it. Picking Reed here would have made a ton of sense.
My Grade C+
If Micheal Thomas proves my disclaimer true I will able to accept it.

Rd. 2 (61) Vonn Bell CB/S Ohio State 5103 199 4.53

I wish I could call this kid a mighty mouse but the mighty does not fit. He is just a mouse. I do not get drafting a CB/FS who play reflects the OSU under achieving lack luster defense of 2015. Vonn Bell and Adolphus Washington are that defenses poster children for that gutless defense. Leadership and desire? No grade at all. He is not solid tackler and he does not try to hide it either. So talking about being an enforcer is a waste of time also. He suffer from a serious lack of Cojones. Then to throw around picks like we through money in FA made matters even worse. YAC yards are a major concern. Thank god he has ball skills or I would really be upset.

What did the Pats do with the picks?
2016 Rd. 3 (No. 78): OT Joe Thuney
2016 Rd. 4 (No. 112): WR Malcolm Mitchell

Trade value was surprisingly fair given the fact you were dealing with the pats.

My Grade D

Rd. 4 (120) David Onyemata DT 6032 300 5.07

I understand the molding of clay, the whole upside thing and this is a solid player to roll the dice on. The thing that tarnishes this pick is the Bell trade. To get David the saints basically gave up a 3rd round pick in value to get back into the fourth. There has to be some serious man love for this kind of move. For me he will always have the Bell trade attached to him. Not that i will hold it against him. But given all the quality DT/NT still on board I have have my reservations about this pick and the cost to get it. Does little to help Sheldon out right away.

What did the Washington do with the picks?
2016 Rd. 5 (No. 152): DT Matt Ioannidis
2017 Rd. 5

My Grade C- opps said I would hold Bell against him. C+

RD 7 (205) Daniel Lasco RB Califorina 6002 209 4.46
This is the annual if he can stay health pick the Saints are famous for. What would a draft be without one or two? Not that I mind the talent selected and yes RB is always on my needs list. This is a personal thing really. Just not the player I would have picked so it is really not that big of a deal. He gets a kick back and see what happens grade.

My Grade I


The saints did absolutely nothing on defense to instill any level of fear in their defense. Not one player is a corner stone player to build around. That is what this team needs. To make matter worse they are now thrown picks around like they throw around money in free agency. We all know how that is working out. This is an alarming trend for a team in need of so much just to get back into the playoff hunt much less a division title.
Next years draft is looking pretty darn good and I fear we have limited ourselves for 2017.

My Draft

1-12 Laremy Tunsil ROT Ole Miss 6050 310 (Miami 1-13)

I do not get passing on Laremy Tunsil - Tunsil to RT and Peat to LG. Oh wow The Saints just solved two issues with one pick. But a kid smoking some pot a few years earlier stopped it all dead in its tracks. This is a non issue because the teams were all aware of it before the draft started and he owned up to it. The hacked account bit? First person I would look at is the step father who Laremy beat for beating is mother. That alone makes me want to have him on my team and probably explains the bong thing. But as it turns out it appears: According to the Palm Beach Post, the Dolphins believe Tunsil's former financial advisor is the culprit for the hacked account bit.This was a gift from the football gods and the saints punted.

2-47 Jarran Reed, NT/DT, Alabama 6034 307 5.21 (Seattle 2-49)

Lets see draft a 3 down NT/DT that starts from day one no matter the scheme you run for a defense. Vs a DT that has issues stopping the run? I do not see the difficulty in making this pick. This is a corner stone type of player to build a defense around in the middle. I started to wonder if the pot smoking issues was more with the war room than any players in the draft. The Bell trade confirmed me fears a few minutes later. If the saints drafted Reed to go with Rankins then I would have understood our first round pick. Reed is the spacer eater that would make Rankins succeed. Our LB would be free to do their thing and DE would be dealing with man blocking. Yet another gift from the football Gods the saints passed on.

3-78 Justin Simmons DB Boston College 6025 201 4.53 (Denver 3-98)

I had him rated higher than Bell. He was the #3 DB on my board. He is a complete true Safety with excellent coverage skills. Might be the smartest DB in the draft in the past few years. Vastly under rated and he has set.

4-109 Matt Judon, DE, Grand Valley State 6030 275 4.73 (Ravens 5-136)

Here was my pick for a player to mold and develop. Thought we needed an edge rusher.

5-104 DJ Reader NT Clemson 6025 327 5.33 (Texans 5-166)

Go gaga over Dodd all you want but he did absolutely nothing on the field till Reader return to the Clemson line up. He is a big man with more pass rush and penetration ability than people give him credit for. I would have been gaga over a Reed and Reader pocket collapsing combo. There would have been no running inside the tackles against the saints. Our LB would be free to do their thing and DE would be dealing with man blocking.

7-206 Kalan Reed CB Southern Miss, 5111 192 4.42 (Titians 7-253)

MR Irrelevant should have been a saint. Round 7 is always fun and JP called him to my attention. Great call because my Board was empty. This kid does have some solid upside


More players with less draft picks and 2017 draft is still intact.
Also some of the best defensive teams in the NFL picked my players after me in the real world. That has always makes me feel better.

Yes I drafted as the draft went on. No Hind sighting involved here baby
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