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Recent History, Revisited

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Posted 03-13-2012 at 01:32 AM by jeanpierre
Updated 03-13-2012 at 01:41 AM by jeanpierre

Many of us overlooked the Vicodin scandal a few years ago that included, among the fallout, a dismissed Director of Security who countered with a lawsuit for said result...

We were, after all, basking in the glory of Lombardi Gras.

Consequently, the Saints used some fancy legal maneuvering and the League Office to dodge a bullet by means of arbitration; the league office was not amused by this...cleverness...

There is a great deal of information on the internet, much of it uncorroborated; but, Thankfully, it is uncensored for the most part, allowing a discerning mind to assess and interpret...

While I don't always agree with Michael Silver, he made an excellent point in article about how the BountyGate & Narcotics Scandal were related; and he's gets to the point halfway through the article about how the Saints had received their free pass of the decade and a league warning to never try to cover up again...

And so it comes to this; Loomis made the same mistake of not keeping the house, Greg Williams, and peripheral characters in order and now the Saints face a daunting smackdown from the league...

Agravatting the situation is the "shocked, astonished" Entertainment News Media, along with pr*ick*s like Peter King, Mike Florio, and Skip Bayless beating thier self-pseudorighteous drum, unethically altering facts so they can feel they somehow can alter the outcome to be determined by Commissioner Roger Goodell, taunting Saints fans in the process.

Now, I actually applaud the courage of Roger Goodell to take unpopular stances for what he feels is right - we desperately need more Leadership like that in this country. If we are to actualize our potential as the Leader of the Free World, this is the leadership needed.

But I worry that leadership by polls/media may also have influence.

Confusing for fans is the contradiction and clumsiness in entering the uncharted territory of trying to create a safer game for players when NFL Films markets saturates the available media with videos like NFL's Crunch Course and NFL's Greatest Hits...

Players are evolving into larger,faster physical specimens - we are, point of fact, at a crossroads, a critical mass, of long term health for players, our fellow citizens and heroes - getting to the NFL Hall of Fame while still alive may take on whole new meaning. So why the contradiction and why make an example of one team and not all transgressors?

And as a fan who's seen the Saints take their share of lumps in the first fourty years of bad calls - I am a Saints fan, and, I am human. I question that if this were a perceived, favored franchise like the (we're kidding ourselves if we don't believe they are favorites) - would the media effect be any different and have any effect on the outcome?

Just as the Packers are the only show in town in Green Bay - so are the Saints in New Orleans - sorry Hornets fans, but the departures of the Jazz and Chris Paul are enough evidence for me what South Louisiana is all about...

This fan charges Commissioner Goodell to be more of the former Leader of Courage and not Polls or media jackholes and displays the wisdom of Solomon when he rules on Bountygate, objectively, without external pressure, and in the best interest of not only the game, but the Saints future...
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