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2014 NFL Saints Draft Review Part 1…

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Posted 11-27-2014 at 10:52 AM by jeanpierre
Updated 11-27-2014 at 10:55 AM by jeanpierre

Well, the early results of the 2014 NFL Draft for the New Orleans Saints appear headed toward another bust.

Despite obvious need on the offensive line and linebacker, the Saints Draft Team decided to thumb their nose at the obvious and try to show they are smarter than everyone else.

While it’s not rocket science, though the way the Saints Draft Decision Makers navigate the draft, they’d have you convinced otherwise, the only teams and fans the Saints outsmarted and outmaneuvered was themselves…

And while allowing three years to pass to truly assess a draft class is usually a factor, this draft class has already proven to be a failure…
Round 1, Wide Receiver Brandin Cooks…

You wouldn’t have thought Cooks had a late start to his assimilation into the NFL due to completion of his collegiate studies and obligations as Cooks showed a tremendous maturity and quick adaptation to the team. Equally amazing was his blazing speed, quickness and reliable hands…

Early on, fans quickly forgave the Sproles trade as we now had him in a younger, reincarnate version.

However, there were questions of his size, rightfully so for all sub 6’ NFL receivers; especially when going against the traditional instincts of Coach Payton to go to taller, physical receivers and giving his quarterback a higher larger catch radius for a passing attack that is more comfortable for his passers…

Despite ‘as-accomplished’ receivers going later than where the Saints were to pick prior to their big move (Kelvin Benjamin, Jordan Matthews, John Brown, maybe Jarvis Landry), the Saints threw in a third round pick to complete their fait accompli.

Now Cooks is on Injured Reserve (Wish Him A Speedy, Complete Recovery) and this was exactly what critics of the move had warned.

As one such critic, had enjoyed his play and dropped my head with resignation when my fears, concerns voiced had been realized upon his arrival on the IR list.

I’m a Cooks Fan – All Aboard.

But it was the wrong move for a team that had much greater needs…

Round 2, Defensive Back Stanley Jean-Baptiste

The way this pick has turned out, we’d done better letting Kommissar Goodell keep it for future transgressions that the Saints will be penalized for that other teams get a pass…

Despite the smoke screen projected confidence in a former bust in Patrick Robinson, the Saints R-E-A-C-H-E-D on this one, horribly…

Weeks One, Two, Three - Inactive

Weeks Four, Five, Six (bye), Seven – Ownership must have asked “Didn’t We Have A Second Round Pick This Year?!?” No Recordable Stats, however, in fairness, Week Six was a Bye.

Week Eight, Back on the Inactive List, Nine, Ten

Week Eleven – Active! And, still, no recordable stats.

Week Twelve, Inactive, Again; beginning to sound like a Gilbert O’Sullivan song…

What was interesting in the Week 11 Inactives post by Evan “Captain Obvious” Woodberry on Nola.com was that Jean-Baptiste was referred to as a “safety”.

Sounds like a team scrambling to find a place for an athlete who’s not football saavy; with his size, maybe he can play linebacker?!?

Notable Players Selected After Jean-Baptiste – LB Chris Borland, LB Preston Brown, C Marcus Martin, OT Jack Mewhort, RB Jerick McKinnon, WR John Brown, WR Donte Moncrief, LB Christian Kirksey…

And if we needed a development project at CB, why not wait and take Aaron Colvin who was had for a fourth round pick?!?

Round3, Pick was given away as compensation to move up in the first round.

This is what drives me nuts with the Saints - their willing to take the gamble, but they bet on slow horses...

Well, that's the first part.
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  1. Old Comment
    Yeah then we drafted not 1, not two, BUT 3 players coming off major injuries. Khairi Fortt (cut), don't really know what occurred there, apparently it was the right move, but it definitely a waste. Then Ronald Powell, who at this point I'm sure he hasn't made a single tackle on one of his ten snaps, then Sunseri, despite his amazing special teams play is now hurt for the season. We didn't need another strong safety. Then we drafted one of the lowest graded players total in Tavon Rooks, who is on the practice squad. Not that we should expect much from such a low pick, but still we needed players who could have an impact for us ASAP.
    Posted 11-27-2014 at 11:34 AM by VegasSaint9 VegasSaint9 is offline

  2. Old Comment
    hagan714's Avatar
    oh god should i chime in here?
    Cook pick? SP needs his toys. Can he be electric? i am holding off my final judgement just yet. no thw national media hype about rookie of the year i do not buy into one bit. SP has not figured out how to use him. so
    My pick at 27 was S Deone Bucannon
    SJB was a reach. i understood it but never would have gone that route. Now he is referred to as a safety? makes my pick look that much better. Now add a WR that can go over the middle. Which is not Cooks strong suit. Plus Drew can see him
    My pick at 61 WR Allen Robinson
    Round 3 was traded but i gave SP a toy that was more like Darren.
    My pick at 91 was RB/WR/QB Jerick McKinnon
    Round 4 wow what a mess. An ILB that was a head case long before he got here. That we would move to OLB. heck i have not talk about his shoty play in college either. Why not a player that fits SJB new role with the saints CB/S that actually can jump between the two because he did it in college.
    My pick at 126 was CB/S Dontae Johnson
    Safety yet another pick i understand but once again coming off injury and back on the IR. An OLB all coming of injuries that at least is healthy and seeing the field. so i am not so picky about this move. i understand a 5th round on this kind of talent is acceptable. we all missed the E. J. Gaines band wagon i think.
    My pick at 167 was OC Tyler Larsen, still out there as a FA
    Ok yet another major reach in round 6. Kid that never lived up to abilities in college. well lets see what he becomes on the PS. Because from here on that is what is all about.

    A silver lining to this season might just be that saints front office and the coaches get a serious gut check and realizes that press clipping and gambling so much in the draft on would of, could of and what might be players will come to an end.

    Nah I doubt it.

    JP had a better draft the saints also. then again most have since the super bowl. the saints need to get back to what got them there in the first. just solid football players and stop reading press clipping and being so damn cute n flashy.
    Posted 12-12-2014 at 07:10 AM by hagan714 hagan714 is offline
    Updated 12-12-2014 at 07:22 AM by hagan714
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