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Atlanta and the Steelers

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Posted 01-09-2012 at 11:41 AM by mike27

I didn't bet on either, nor do I bet anymore, but yesterday reminded me of when I used to place a wager once and a while. I liked Atlanta and the Steelers', so...

But seriously, the Steelers' kind of had the feel of the Saints' loss at Seattle last year--they were just beaten down, and injured, limping along. But Atlanta--WTF was that? Seriously?

I'm beginning to think they peaked out during the Saints' first game, when they barely lost 26-23. Maybe they just felt like "why bother." "Why lose again to the Saints', and what chance is there to beat Green Bay, even if we win against the Giants'?

But didn't the Giants' barely lose to Green Bay by 3 points a few weeks ago? They are such a skitzy team, from somewhere near awful to nearly good one week to the next. I don't know, but maybe if the Saints' do beat San Francisco, and I think they will, perhaps the Giants' will do a better job of beating down Green Bay, and tenderizing them for the Saints' contest.

Good luck Saints' and make sure and get some turfy practice outside. Does anyone know if teams do that, do they actually practice on grass, when they know they are going to be playing on grass, or practice in cold and windy temperatures, when they know they are going to encounter wind and cold? Even so, if Brees has a breeze, I feel like our runners can do the job if necessary, they are a great bunch. I frequently feel like they are underutilized.

Well I hope they win, I feel like they can win. And even though we can all count on 60 minutes, which we all really felt during that game with the Lions', it makes all the difference when they get out of the box without a penalty, a fumble, or interception. Nothing like getting a quick TD to bolster their success. Good luck fellow fans--we're now reaping the results we've been watching for 40 or so years to harvest, and I for one am really, really enjoying it!!
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