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Posted 01-20-2014 at 12:03 PM by teddybarexxx

Good morning Who Dats. Now that its over, i have one question why does it seems that the football community wanted the 40whinners to win yesterday versus the seahags? Going into yesterday's matchup a lot of the so call critics were picking the 40whinners to win in seattle. My problem with that is when it came to the saints playing the seahags we had no chance of winning. Now granted we didnt look good on the road however, the 40whinners dont have a winning record in seattle! I feel no one gave and/or give the saints any credit. Before the game i was asked who was going to win 40whinners or seahags i explicit replied the seahags! When asked why i expressed the only team i felt could have beaten the seahgs were the saints. I felt the saints offense would have put up points causing the seahags to play from behind causing our defense to be what i like to consider a dominant defense to play more aggresive to what i think is a mediocre seahag offense. Recap: seahags only score one t.d. against the saints in the 1st half courtesy of a mark ingram fumble giving them the football on the 20yd line (the other came late in the 4th qts with about 2 minutes left at that point didnt mean much because even with a fg would have been a 2 score lead). The saints not only had the crowd to contend with but also the elements! The 40whinners had perfect weather, a mobile qb (which we all knew would extend plays) and the end results is what i expected a loss. What do you think Who Dats now that its over do the saints get the credit they deserve?
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    No. I don't think the Saint's 11-5 season was worthy of much respect in the eyes of the media. There are too many negative things come to mind, the worst defense in the history of the NFL and a losing record was just last season, the losing record on the road this season and specifically losing to the Jets and the Rams. Even the great defense the Saints have had this year isn't as good as the Seahawks or the Niners.

    The 40whiners got credit for three reasons that I can think of. First, they beat the Seahawks the last time they played. Second they had just won two road playoff games and Third and most importantly in my opionion, this was their third NFC championship game in a row. The have established themselves as a powerhouse.

    New Orleans is a small market. The national media doesn't have to pander to the Saints the way ESPN does to the North Eastern teams or the big city markets. Credit, is earned. And the media likes things simple, they don't want to have to dig deep to find the reasons why the Saints struggled on the road or why the defense was so bad last year. If it's not obvious, then they won't write about it. It was too easy to run with "The Saints can't win on the road" or "Drew can't play in the cold" than actually figure out why.

    Just my opinion.
    Posted 01-21-2014 at 05:24 PM by Utah_Saint Utah_Saint is offline

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