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Posted 01-27-2014 at 10:04 AM by teddybarexxx

Hello Who Dats. Lately I've been finding myself saying this more times than none that the nfl has become this "pass first league". I feel the running back position (as i knew it) is becoming more and more obsolete. I grew up with this philosophy, "establish the run and then you can throw", now its lets pass the ball then try to establish the run. As much as i hate to mention this team, but here where i'm from where you have an overwhelming cowboys fan base even i had to admit dallas would have won more games if they kept feeding demarco murray. Every week (especially the last 3 or 4 games) i taunted the cowboys fans by saying, "why dallas not running the football", i felt that the reason why they didnt do well late in the season. Our beloved saints no different it was times during the season i was saying feed ingram, feed p thomas, in the playoff game versus the seahawks i'm screaming "FEED K. ROBINSON!" Now i know we have a lot of people wants stats here's one for you san diego chargers versus the bengals had a 58yrd rushing td, that didnt come from a big rushing gain that came from a constant handing the ball to their rb's. In the game versus the broncos they were doing the same thing running the ball very effective then all of a sudden you start seeing P. Rivers throwing more then they were running! They got away from what was working. In todays nfl do you feel that teams are getting away more and more from the run game and established this pass first league or do you feel its fine the way it is?
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    The rule changes prohibiting defenders from hitting the QB or even receivers catching the football or from jamming receivers at all past 5 yds have all contributed to offenses being able to pass far more effectively than ever before. QBs now regularly complete 60% or more of their passes. A strong running game is great but is no longer necessary to win a SuperBowl. This is the trend now but who knows, Seattle won the Bowl by running the ball and the 49ers also play old school football constantly trying to pound the rock. We even recently saw a resurgence of the option in the NFL. No one actually ran the option for probably 20 years in the NFL before that. Offenses have become more and more pass oriented but running and stopping the run will probably always be the main ingredients needed to win consistently in the NFL or any league for that matter. I think if a team actually implemented a true wishbone option offense that it could present real problems for today's defenses that are not built to stop a true ground and pound offense. Of course you'd need at least one if not two very athletic QBs to run this style because your QB is essentially a running back in this style of offense. But if you truly committed to it just think you could easily sign the three best option QBs from college football because most teams don't want em. The 49ers ran a ton of option two years ago and it was very effective and they nearly won the SuperBowl doing that and Seattle ran a little option and ran a lot en route to winning the SuperBowl last year.
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