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Halo 11-26-2005 08:48 PM

Les Miles not a good first year coach?
I don't konw, I hear this all over ESPN, CBS, etc etc. They rank the top first year coaches and I agree with them that Spurrier has done a damn good job. But they always say Les Miles doesn't deserve credit because he arrived at LSU with a completely full stable of talent.

Personally I think they give him less credit than you think. It's hard to manage a team with fans and an administration that have GREAT expectations (over the top in some instances) and considering he started months before Katrina, the guy has done a fantastic job. They beat Bama, Auburn, and Florida in the same year, a first for LSU. There were unreal coaching adjustments made after the Tennessee loss, and the second half of the Alabama game said it all for me- a completely different team.

If LSU wins an SEC championship and finishes top 3 or 5 or better in his first year, he deserves as much credit as any new coach, if not more. It's got to be hard keeping it together in the LSU pressure cooker that's was put in the distraction frying pan of Hurricane's Katrina and Rita.

saintswhodi 11-26-2005 08:54 PM

I have to agree, but he still choked in the Tenn game. :P

Halo 11-26-2005 10:32 PM


Originally Posted by saintswhodi
I have to agree, but he still choked in the Tenn game. :P

Now you sound like the people sitting around me who practically chased me out of the game at halftime for being &*%&$^$^%! :D

When I wen to LSU I would have pooped on myself if we won 9 or 10 games... 6 games for that matter. These are better days for LSU and I'm trying to enjoy them.

Funny thing was a guy sitting next to me said "yeah these people are negative. But ask any of them if they went to LSU and they'll say 'why does that matter'?" He was saying the most negative ones didn't go to college. For some reason that was very funny at the moment, maybe it was all that vodka in my blood. :beer:

saintswhodi 11-27-2005 01:52 PM

Hell, I only went for a summer semester, and that was cause I was going to UNO, and was able to take a class at LSU and have it count, plus all my buddies from high scholl were either going there or Southern. But I loved them way before then. Funny thing, I went there the same summer Shaq did after he was drafted by Orlando and was trying to finish school. Saw him in the quad a couple of times. Anywho, I expect big things from LSU after they have always been on the outside looking in, with a sprinkling of a good season here or there. We are an elite team at the top of the food chain now, and I think fans just don't wanna fall back. Miles' coaching did cost us an undefeated season cause of the Tenn game, but he has done an increasingly better job of understanding SEC football as the season has gone on. I called for his neck after the near debacle at Az State and the collapse at Tenn, but I think he knows what he needs to do now to be the top dog in the SEC.

jrmllb 03-21-2006 02:53 PM

I 'm with you Halo...I remember the old days of Curly and Mike Archer...although I think mike Archer was still better than Dinardo...Remember when we got all pumped for the Indy Bowl...My wife bought me tickets for the Indy Bowl this year and I remember when I got the tickets I said "Thank God, now that I have tickets I know LSU won't be there" that is just not my luck...I remember the old days and watching my father yell at the TV and turn it off 4 minutes into the 4th quarter...I like now better...but people do have to lighten up a little

I was watching the Tenn game on TV and during half time someone on the TV said something about a booster was in the booth saying LSU had never lost at home with a 21 point lead...That pretty much sealed the Tigers fate at that point

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