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shackney 08-03-2006 12:50 PM

Ohio State will suprise you...#1
With Oklahoma's dream of being #1 down the drain (Bomar ...gone), Notre Dame being an overated team and USC rebuilding, not only will Teddy Ginn win the Heisman, but could get a ring this year as well! The offense is explosive and even though most of last years defense in the NFL, Tressel will reload on D and pound out an undefeated season for his 5th national championship (3 1-AA & 1 1-A). Mark my words!

RockyMountainSaint 08-14-2006 11:11 PM


5th national championship (3 1-AA & 1 1-A). Mark my words!
Lord Have Mercy. :roll:
I appreciate your enthusiasm and I applaud your Love for your team
I do question your repeated aplomb regarding your coach's past exploits.
If LSU hired a Div 1 or 2 coach then I and every other Tiger fan would be a bit upset to say the least.
Enjoy your preseason ranking.
Even in the Girlie-Big 10 it will not hold.
Please spare me the stats from the "Big"-10's past.
This is now.
You won't get past the Longhorns.
I am an LSU fan. GEAUX TIGERS!!!
They could win it all.
Do I expect this? I do know that they are playing a tougher schedule (road) than any big-10 team will play this century.
For Christ's sake WV or Louisville could win the Big One because teams like yours are afraid of STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE!!!!!
Man Up!
Have a Conference Championship game Ladies!
Play someone sometime!
Don't give me final USA-Today polls which show big 10 tems that didn't play anyone finishing high either.
If you fags played a decent schedule which you will not find within your own conference then perhaps you could find your own nuts and claim a championship.
The way things are now without STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE in the equation then you (if you are good enough) could run the table and claim a hollow "championship".
Stop living in the past and play someone to win something Sweetheart!
Come to the South and see what kind of reception you will get!
Your Athletic Directors already know. That's why we don't see your vaginas here.
Come experience some Southern Hospitality Babe! :nono:

Legitkid 08-16-2006 06:07 PM

Who is Ohio State going to sneak up on? The coaches ranked them #1...Kind of hard to be sneaky when you’re ranked #1 nationally. Anyway, until Ted Ginn decides to play like he has a heart; the hiesman is out of his reach. I am so tired of hearing about how fast and talented Teddy Ginn is...Show us; I know I am dying to see it. Notre Dame is over rated...SC is not re-building but re-loading. This is the first year that Pete Carroll has all three of his #1 recruiting classed on the field at one time. Now, if SC's's from there youth not talent, or as you put it, "rebuilding."

papz 08-18-2006 06:23 PM

I think Louisville will be a dark horse to finish the season #1. Brohm and Bush will be unstoppable.

shackney 09-11-2006 07:45 PM

I bet you wish LSU just destroyed Texas and held them to their lowest point total since 1997 with 9 new starters on defense. I love the Saints but you hillbillies down south really have no right be be talking about college football. Your cute little program down there is great for S.E.C., but thats a junk league. Our D-1-AA coach will light up your little poweder puff girl squad. I'm from Toledo...The Rockets would make your "Tigers" cry like abunch of feline! Who is good in college football? After looking at the Bucks play the last two one; all teams pale in comparison! Notre dame is the "sexy" pick, but we lit them up in the Bowl game last year for 675 yars and 4 plays over 60 yards. Our defense anhiallated them! I guess My post is wrong! Judging by the response, they don't suprise anyone, but they do piss off the hicks who are stuck watching Louisiana Tech, LSU and Tulane! Sorry about your luck! Don't be mad at me because I was fortunate enough to be born in the Buckeye State! By the way, I'm better than you!

gandhi1007 09-14-2006 09:55 AM

Uhmmm......didn't the longhorns lose most of last year's team (the team that beat Ohio State at the horseshoe) to the draft.'re right......tough game going against a freshman QB & a depleted defense & all. Come play some games against SEC powerhouses & see how long that hollow #1 ranking lasts.

saintswhodi 09-14-2006 10:36 AM

shackney, and I say this with all seriousness possible, on this subjest, you are an idiot. you have a team in the Big 10, Illinois, picked as one of the worst teams in ALL of college football. And that's real football? You really are clueless. Guess who ended the year with FIVE schools in the top 15? Ooh, the SEC. Guess who has FIVE teams in the top 13 this year? Ooh the SEC. THE ONLY reason that will change is cause theyhave to play each other, starting with LSU Auburn this weekend and Florida/Tenn. Stop kissing that bush league conference's ass and get a clue.

shackney 09-14-2006 12:54 PM


Guess who ended the year with FIVE schools in the top 15?
#1 is the only number that matters! Do you know who was #2, #3 or #15 in 1968? Neither do I, but I do remember who #1 was. I'll give you a hint...They were also #1 in 2002 and 2006.

saintswhodi 09-14-2006 01:40 PM


Originally Posted by shackney

Guess who ended the year with FIVE schools in the top 15?
#1 is the only number that matters! Do you know who was #2, #3 or #15 in 1968? Neither do I, but I do remember who #1 was. I'll give you a hint...They were also #1 in 2002 and 2006.

Oh #1 one is the only one that matters in the end? Good, cause last year that was Texas. DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shackney 09-18-2006 06:58 PM

Who cares about last year jack-off..It is 2006!

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