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SapperSaint 01-09-2008 10:28 AM

LSU not really the best?
ESPN - LSU most deserving, but it's still a flawed system - College Football

I have really lost respect for an SEC team. That team is Georgia. Everyone that is a fan of a team in the SEC knows that "We" are the best conference in the NCAA. For them to sit back and cry because they were not crowned the National Champion is nothing more than B.S.

My response to the BullS***dogs is this. WIN YOUR DIVISION, WIN THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP. When you accomplish that, THEN, and ONLY THEN can you make your claim as EARNING the right to even play for a National Championship.

For the author of the attached link to say, "Is LSU the best in NCAA Football, we will never know." You will have to ask that same question about the rest of the teams that won a National Championship wont you?

As far as home field advantage goes... Did USC win theirs in the Rose Bowl?

No one wanted LSU to win this year except for LSU fans. So to the rest of the haters.....SUCK IT!

papz 01-09-2008 10:58 AM

Re: LSU not really the best?
Crybabies... that's what Georgia gets for losing to Tennessee. We would have eaten Matthew Stafford alive had we played them.

What the heck does the media and ESPN know anyways... they all picked Ohio State to win. I mean it was unanimous that they all believed OSU was going to beat us.

SapperSaint 01-10-2008 07:08 AM

Re: LSU not really the best?
Thats what I don't understand Papz. After LSU crushed Ohio State; the same guys started saying, "Well, Ohio State didn't play anyone all year."

Who played more top 25 teams than LSU and won?????

It just really ticks me off.

saintsfan1976 04-08-2008 07:43 AM

Re: LSU not really the best?
I agree with you fellas...

After living out west for several years, I constantly had to defend the SEC. Particularly LSU. Every fan in drown in their own conference each year and they fail to "see" what SEC teams face each week - EACH OTHER.

Until teams put up and play ONE regular season schedule like LSU played last year, then they need to keep their mouths SHUT.

And if your conference doesn't play a championship game.... then shut up and SIT DOWN.

lynwood 04-08-2008 02:30 PM

Re: LSU not really the best?
Would be fun to see a year where all games were against outside SEC conference teams. SEC vs The World.

I'd pay to see that.

jeanpierre 04-08-2008 06:50 PM

Re: LSU not really the best?
F*&% Georgia... F*&% those former Penal Colony F*&%ers!!!

We've got some of the fiercest rivalries in the country in the SEC and yet if Florida has the best shot at a National Title we rally around them...

Yet here comes Georgia and their Alumnus ESPN Soapbox Suck@$$ Mark Schlabach and his Bull$#^&...

Fellas, I tell ya that LSU, Ole Miss, Bama, Florida need to create Colleges/Programs for Sports Journalism that are legitimate, high-brow learning, teaching the type of objectivism projected by people such as Jim Henderson; and then let the best programs geaux out and prove it on the field as LSU had done...

Then, you put an end to this whiny bullshinski stuff; plus the national air time paying homage to the victors would be as equal if a Big Ten School had one it...

This stuff with Georgia is as bad as Phil Fulmer turning in every other SEC school for recruiting violations and getting a immunity for what his school had done in their recruiting hijinx...

phatoosdey 04-08-2008 07:09 PM

Re: LSU not really the best?

jeanpierre 04-09-2008 07:55 PM

Re: LSU not really the best?

Originally Posted by phatoosdey (Post 160833)

Great Post and Link; Need to Campaign local radio stations to give air time during LSU v. GA games and Saints v. Falcons games...

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