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papz 10-04-2010 11:24 AM

Maddening Les Miles a head coach in a league of his own
LSU has managed to start its season 5-0, but it's hard to blame Tigers fans for thinking this year is heading into the toilet. Just ask Rusty Welch, LSU tailgating czar and loyal Mailbag reader, who e-mailed me this account from Saturday's mystifying 16-14 win over Tennessee.

"My friend and I sit in the game until the third quarter ended. Go back to the tailgate. Game ends, I go to the Port-a-Potty knowing we had lost. I step out of the Port-a-Potty and we had won. Must have been some kind of magical time-warp Port-a-Potty."

There's a magician at LSU, all right. His name is Les Miles, and his latest train wreck-turned-Houdini escape instantly became the most infamous moment yet for one of the most fascinating figures in the sport today. LSU's offensively putrid games are borderline-unwatchable, but we can't turn away from them because they're so perversely dramatic.

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foreverfan 10-04-2010 05:05 PM

Hard to watch the Tigers. We are one QB away from another National Championship.

I say stick with Lee. Jefferson appears to not be smart enough and he's going to hang a noose around Miles neck.

Considering we have games left with Auburn, Flordia, Alabama and Arkansas it looks bleak for Miles. I say we be lucky to split with those teams. If we do, then I think Miles is safe.

I heard a rumor that the LSU Alum was going to buy out Miles contract and hire Gruden. Did anybody else here that?

Beastmode 10-04-2010 05:31 PM

Very sad for the players because it's not them, it's the inability of the coach and staff to harness the arsenal of talent. What happened at the end of that game is poor coaching at it's finest. No situational awareness whatsoever. If you think it may be an issue substituting under a minute then don't do it.
If Jefferson can't run the option then don't do it. If he can't make reads then take him out.

Very frustrating watching this team. It's not even entertainment anymore for a lot of Tiger fans and once they suffer a loss because of it that stadium is going to look like a packed Strawberry Stadium.

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