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papz 10-19-2010 03:22 PM

Les Miles Tweets(hilarious!)
I saw this thread on and I just had to share it.

Real Tweets from Real People about Les Miles following the win over Florida Gators on 10/09/10.

cscrawl86: Les Miles is proof that Karma isn’t real. No one could have lived a good enough life to deserve the luck he’s gotten.

Igotnuttintosay: Am I wrong in concluding that Les Miles must be the smartest coach in college football. And if so, how frightening is that?

fakegimel: BREAKING: NCAA sends Letter of Inquiry regarding an improper business arrangement with Coach Les Miles and Buffalo Wild Wings.

mbrown25: Someone give Les Miles a TV show in which he gives random people solutions for life problems.

DannyFordisGod: Les Miles knew that EASY Button from Staples was a good purchase this summer.

LostLettermen: I feel like if Les Miles planned D-Day, the troops would’ve landed on the shores of Spain and still won WWII.

hunterbeaumont: Les Miles is the SEC’s favorite drunk uncle. Nobody wants him as their dad, but it’s entertaining to have him around.

BFeldmanESPN: I think Les Miles flosses his teeth with razor blades.

TeamSpeedKills: Les Miles is the oddest combination of idiot and genius I’ve ever seen.

BlogAndTackle: Les Miles would say “hit me” at the blackjack table sitting on 20…fear the hat.

cbaldwin33: Les Miles will beat death. There’s no question. The bounce lateral fake. Works every time.

Mengus22: If Les Miles stealing games is the karmic price I have to pay to watch Lane Kiffin lose late every week, that’s a price I’m willing to pay.

kurtcooper: Les Miles is the guy who doesn’t own an Xbox and comes over and whips you at Halo without even being sure what button shoots…

michaeldebusk: My contention: Les Miles is a tortured genius who is simply misunderstood. I think he scripts this stuff in his mind.

mattkeflowers: Les Miles has only one thing hidden up that Mad Hat of his: a contract with the devil for his soul signed in his own blood… LesMilesSucks

EddieXperience: If reincarnation is real, I wanna come back as Les Miles.

Steelersdepot: Les Miles could of smoked on the Hindenburg, and lived.

keithwarden: We need to send Les Miles after Bin Laden. He’d find him in the first cave he looked in.

wbayasiii: Les Miles is the dude who puts his life savings on 00….and hits it :/

RealtyNerd: Les Miles regarding the fake FG bounce pass: “Just the way we drew it up, Holly.

Nawlins34: If Les Miles was there, the titanic wouldn’t have sunk, that’s how lucky he is.

heLostOgle: Les Miles kind of reminds me of Christopher Walken’s character from Deer Hunter.

nodgih: Les Miles once successfully divided by zero while trying to divide by two.

Aaron_Torres: Anyone see the look on Urban Meyer’s face when he shook Les Miles’ hand? It was the same look my dog has when he smells a dog he doesn’t like.

simandel: “And then you do something like this… and TOTALLY redeem yourself.”

mrrodgers1: It’s official, Les Miles is illuminati


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