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SmashMouth 08-12-2011 11:03 PM

A&M Board of Regents meeting Monday on SEC
The Texas A&M Board of Regents has called a meeting for Monday to give the school president “authorization” to take all actions relating to the school’s athletic conference alignment.
The A&M agenda, with 15 items on it, was posted Friday afternoon. The meeting, which is not classified as an emergency session, had initially been scheduled for Aug. 22. The meeting will be via teleconference.
Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds told the American-Statesman’s Kirk Bohls on Friday that it appears to him that A&M is leaving for the SEC, but said he thinks the Big 12 can survive, perhaps with as few as nine teams.
“They’ve got to do what’s best for them,” Dodds said of the Aggies. “We’re going to look at every option we’ve got, and we’re going to end up in a good place. That’s what we do. We’re good at that.”
Dodds told Bohls that he and his staff have been in contact with the other eight Big 12 schools, and the remaining nine teams are already exploring possible replacements for A&M.
“I think nine’s an option,” Dodds said. “I think nine are solid. I think 10’s a good number. I’ve always liked 10. In my mind, we’d try to stay at 10. If we had to, we’d go to 12.”
Dodds said he didn’t know if Texas would continue to play A&M if the Aggies bolt to the SEC.
“That’s one I cannot answer,” he said. “If they leave the conference, we would consider things sport by sport. There are more people involved in that decision than me. Our coaches have to be involved.
The Oklahoman reported that the Sooners believe that the Aggies are leaving.
“Some of the egos are escalating,” said an OU administrator.
Baylor athletic director Ian McCaw issued a statement saying his school was committed to the Big 12.
“Baylor University is fully committed to the Big 12 Conference and honored to be associated with nine other outstanding academic institutions,” said McCaw. “As we have consistently made clear in previous comments, we are especially proud of the historic rivalries we share with our fellow Texas institutions in the conference and know that these traditions are valued highly by our respective students and alumni. At this time, we are working closely with our colleagues in the conference. We look forward to continued and open dialog concerning ways we might work together to preserve our collective interests and ensure a bright and successful future for the Big 12.”

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strato 08-12-2011 11:56 PM

they will be in the SEC in 2013...

SmashMouth 08-13-2011 09:49 AM

Waiting for LSU-A&M may be over | LSU | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA

Insiders say Texas A&M intends to leave Big 12 for SEC | Sports | - Houston Chronicle

Yoy may be right, Strato ... it may be a done deal ...

strato 08-13-2011 09:58 AM

Its a done deal...They will play LSU in Reliant and sell it out

SmashMouth 08-13-2011 11:53 AM

They can't just add one team, though .... likely add Va Tech or Ga. Tech too or something ... wouldn't mind seeing Oklahoma in there too.

strato 08-13-2011 12:31 PM

I wouldnt be surprised to see UT go independent

QBREES9 08-13-2011 10:29 PM

Man the SEC is getting stronger and stronger.

SmashMouth 08-14-2011 05:41 AM

Texas A&M Aggies' expected departure brings us back to the brink - ESPN

Texas A&M Aggies intend to join SEC, school official says - ESPN

A&M-SEC status still uncertain

Southeastern Conference*presidents to meet Sunday on expansion - NCAA Football -

They are talking about also adding Florida State, Missouri, and Clemson too ...

SmashMouth 08-14-2011 04:13 PM

The plot thickens ...

SEC doesn't extend invitation to Texas A&M, but leaves options open - ESPN

Crusader 08-15-2011 04:12 AM

I they add Texas A&M then lets add Oklahoma too.

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