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Joe Paterno FIRED

this is a discussion within the College Community Forum; Originally Posted by OldMaid Sapper, what is the link to your blog? Top of the page, on the menu, next to "Forums" it's "Blogs" Direct link: http://blackandgold.com/blogs/sapper...ood-blind.html ENJOY!...

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Originally Posted by OldMaid View Post
Sapper, what is the link to your blog?
Top of the page, on the menu, next to "Forums" it's "Blogs"

Direct link: http://blackandgold.com/blogs/sapper...ood-blind.html

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Originally Posted by OldMaid View Post
Sapper, what is the link to your blog?

Support? Support for what?
A man, a most powerful man who WAS PennUniv., JPaterno was the one in charge of many things at PU, picked board members, etc., and he did nothing about this crime. I suspect if JP wanted someone run out of the state of Penn., he could have done that.
Support of Paterno for not properly handling this and sitting on this immoral, sinful, crime against nature and children?
They are supporting that?

I believe that Paterno, PU police, city/state police, board members, boosters for PU and PU football team, and so many guilty people did nothing.
McQueary , the grad asst., who saw, told his father, and then reported it to his PU superiors, still did nothing. In a matter of a few days, did he not see, gee, no police. No investigation? This is such a crime, seems to me if you saw this, you would want to make you are clear of this. You would run to the police. BTW, McQueary, the grad asst., recruiter now willl be at his job this weekend on the sidelines. McQueary has had a wonderful career at PU since he saw the crime. Makes you think, hmmmm. Isn't that interesting.
They are supporting the other 99% of the school who had nothing to do with this situation. We still support our Military whenever a few rogue soldiers go on a crime spree of murder or rape. My point is there are still a lot of great people and things going on at PU. Also, nobody has been convicted yet. Remember Duke Lacrosse, or how about Richard Jewell the olympic bomber? We simply don't know all the facts right now. Things need to play out in court. Until it does I'm on a fence.
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But they were not supporting PSU. Yes, the College of Liberal Arts had nothing do with this.
College of Business , same thing.

I agree with Sapper.

The people out there were supporting JoePa.
Their beloved JoePa.
The firing of JoePa.

Best, the case went to grand jury. there have been rumblings it seems about this for some time and it was a known secret.

This cover up smells worst and worst each day.

Yesterday, it was reported Sandusky 's house is by a , never mind. Google it.

BTW today in the news, Joe Pa and his wife put their home in her name and she is total owner of their home. JoePa sold his half of their home to his the Mrs. Joe Pa for $1.00 .....and he did this in JULY 2011!!!

Hmmmm, makes you go hmmmmm.

I bet Joe Pa is worth about $253.17 too. LOL! Total net worth. I bet you since he doesn't own a house, he probably put those millions in the Mrs. name too.
He is broke. Destitute really.
Laughing out loud. Smooth.
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Touch kids, die.

Let people touch kids, beat within an inch of your life. (learn your lesson?)
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The story gets more & more convoluted & stranger & starnger
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fired, joe paterno

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