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OldMaid 11-12-2011 11:10 AM

Univ . of Nebraska- a class act
Very good. Very good call on univ. and coaching staff .
At the beginning of the game, the staff, tem, etc. of Nebraska went out to the field, hugged, shook hands, prayed with PSU.
I sure hope Nebraska wins so that PSU can give the team, those kids, change at transferring and things. The univ. needs to stop, totally redo the football program.

strato 11-12-2011 11:11 AM

Yeah i saw that...very classy on their part...

Halo 11-16-2011 01:34 PM

Here's the thing, Nebraska Coach Bo Pellini goes on TV and talked about the victims. He talked about the kids who's lives are screwed up and ignored questions about the game or "The Program"

All Penn State ever talks about is their FOOTBALL PROGRAM. That's really what their concern is.

I personally think Penn State-- their fans, the Football team, and everyone involved at Penn State --needs to stop all the kneeling and praying, and GET OVER YOURSELF PENN STATE. STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR OWN PROGRAM AND STUPID JO PA.

Look, all that prayer is for PR (Public Relations). The university and fans do that for the image of the school.

The image of Penn State is damaged with pedophile sex abuse. IT NEEDS TO STAY THAT WAY. Nobody cares about the stupid football program, this isn't about football, this about a university that failed on every single level of authority to stop RAPE on Campus. They diverse whatever badge of dis-honor they receive and they need to EMBRACE IT.

It can't be prayed away. God isn't listening.
Stop praying for the victims and pray for YOURSELF. JUST STOP PRAYING.


It blows my MIND how a secular State University that is probably overall totally against prayer in schools, religious expressions, etc. etc. uses PRAYER to mend wounds. It's disrespectful.

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