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papz 11-30-2011 02:07 PM

LSU film study: Tigers got physical with Arkansas
Welcome to the film study for the LSU-Arkansas game. The Tigers overcame an uncharacteristic slow start and the largest deficit it has faced in three years to smoke the Hogs and win going away. The Tiger showed resilience, talent and depth, shrugging off the loss to injury of an invaluable member of its secondary (safety Eric Reid) against the best passing team in the SEC.

Offensively, LSU really went off the reservation, running 47 of 75 plays from its three-wide receiver set with one tight end and one back. The formation brought great diversity enabling LSU to throw all five plays of the go-ahead drive in the second quarter, and then using it to run the spread option in the second half. But in past games LSU ran as much of its basic pro set with two backs and two wide outs.

The coaching staff probably felt LSU was physical enough to run the ball on a smaller Arkansas defense without the extra tight end. LSU played with two tight ends only 11 plays. Out of sync in the early going, LSU punted only twice after the first two series. Had LSU wanted to, it could have played two tight ends the whole game and rushed for 500 yards.

Defensively, LSU dominated the line of scrimmage from the start, harassing Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson into an incompletion on the first play and sacking him several times. He was constantly looking around and struggled throughout. After Ryan Baker's roughing the passer penalty, he was never the same. The Tigers had eight tackles for loss and five for no gain. Oddly enough, Wilson's 14-yard run was the Hogs' longest of the day.

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