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Halo 09-18-2004 12:14 AM

Forum Conduct Rules
We allow a lot of freedom here and that's what we want. We also want a place where everybody feels welcome. Here are some general rules everyone needs to be familiar with that are the traditions here at the blackandgold forum.


- No Cursing in the Forum: The forum is read by young and old alike.

- No Personal attacks toward other members: Arguments about the Saints are welcome but when name calling and attacks are a part of your post it will be deleted. You will receive a warning in your private message box, but if you persist you may be banned.

- Talk about Football: People are not interested in your likes or dislikes of other members or other rediculous subjects not pertaining to football or the Saints. Topics not pertaining to the Saints or football should be address in the Everthing Else forum. is a privately owned website with news and information regarding the Saints, anything not within the perview of the Saints can be deleted.

- Friendly conduct: If you can't behave yourself and act civily you may be banned. Bans can last for a period of time or indefinitely. Flamers scare off members who have things to say and you can bring your anger to other forums and sites.

- Spamming and Advertising: No spam is allowed here which includes advertising for your own website that you may like a lot but please do not use our forum as a billboard. If you want to advertise purchase a banner at the top of the page and we will gladly help promote your site. Contact the owners at

- Articles from other sites: To post an article it must be Saints related. Also you must cite the source of the article and give them credit. Posting the entire article is not allowed, you can post part of the article and create a link to the rest. Most importantly, the source needs to be cited.

- Writings from other websites: You must cite their work, but generally many forum fans visit several Saints sites and it's not necessary to re-print their work here.

If these rules are broken your post is subject to be deleted, edited or closed and if you persist you may be banned.

Thank You.

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