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TallySaint 07-04-2005 02:49 PM

Florida State/QB Sexton
For those interested...

From The Tallahassee Democrat.

Jul. 04, 2005

As the season nears, 'Noles need answers

Column by Steve Ellis


Maybe one more round of golf. And another light-hearted moment that he can recall during stressful times in the fall. Then it it will be back to business for Bobby Bowden.

But it won't be business as usual for Florida State's veteran coach when he returns this week from vacation with family at Panama City, and with old friends in Birmingham, Ala.

The erratic behavior and subsequent hospitalization of starting quarterback Wyatt Sexton three weeks ago to this day has made certain of that. Even without knowing all the facts, it is clear Bowden returns to a complex and serious situation that demands one obvious resolution - do what's right for both Sexton and the Florida State team.

And a resolution needs to be reached as quickly as medical fact-gathering on Sexton's case can allow - again for the good of both Sexton and the team. Sexton's welfare remains the foremost concern, but preseason camp is just a month away. That's also reality.

With a likely tip to the Sexton family's privacy, Bowden hasn't said a word on the matter. Much sooner than later, that must change. Even his son Jeff, FSU's offensive coordinator, is eager to know what is ahead at the all-important quarterback position.

During the absence of Bobby Bowden and of any real answers about Sexton's situation, there still have been notable happenings.

This has been a mostly bright moment for the media and for sports fans - two groups that have rightfully taken major hits because of their insensitivity and seemingly a disregard for facts at times. The media hasn't shied away from the facts - reporting that police observed Sexton to appear to be under the influence of some "unknown narcotic or alcohol" when he was found half-dressed lying on a Tallahassee street and shouting that he was God. Friends, teammates and coaches have been sought for clues as to how we got to this point for such a bright and promising student-athlete.

Yet speculation has been limited lately. Fans, eager for news on Sexton and FSU's quarterback situation, have to a large extent reacted as they would if Wyatt Sexton had been their own son.

On the FSU practice fields, it is clear that, with each passing day and every pass tossed by freshmen Xavier Lee and Drew Weatherford, FSU players are moving beyond June13 - and without their most experienced quarterback.

And with each passing day that Sexton remains under medical supervision, it becomes more possible that moving on for Wyatt Sexton might mean doing so without football. At least for now. Sexton's health must come first, above all else.

Those close to the situation privately insist that the Sextons don't yet have a definitive diagnosis for their son, and that any conclusion would remain speculative. But there has been enough information for some to advise the family to make a statement regarding Sexton's health in at least general terms. That first attempt on June16, in which drug abuse but nothing else was addressed, led only to more questions.

Soon, let's hope, we will have some answers from the Sextons and Bobby Bowden so that the recovery and regrouping can really begin.


papz 07-15-2005 11:17 AM

RE: Florida State/QB Sexton
Lyme disease... I'm pretty sure he's being treated and out for the entire season. Sorry TallySaint but I think your Noles are going to have a pretty rough year. Star DT, CB, and starting QB out... things aren't looking so bright. I like what Lee and Weatherford are doing in camp though, maybe one will step up and be somewhere close to as decent as Sexton was last year in the games he played. I'm not telling you to jump ship, but you can hop on our LSU TIGERS BANDWAGON anytime!!! :mrgreen:

TallySaint 07-20-2005 07:10 PM


Yep, things aren't lookin' great around here.... and we certainly aren't re-loading like before.

But, when Rix didn't shine, Sexton stepped in. Hmm... just between you and me, X Lee was gonna compete for the QB job anyway. He may not shine against the 'Canes on Labor Day, but Bowden, coaches, players and the Seminole nation have been lickin' their chops for a look at Lee. My own personal opinion is Bobby won't retire till Lee is done. He is a stud. Just gonna take a little time. It may be three games, it may be a season. It may be a Heisman.

DB Cromartie out for the season is not a good thing. There are other capable backs. The bigger concern here in Tallahassee is the health of stellar linebackers, Sims and Nicholson, hurt in the spring and may not be ready for the first two or three games.

Our major concern here, like many seasons before, will be the ability and health of our offensive line. Last year, by the fourth game, we were down to second and third string because of injury.

To make a long story short... The difference in a seven win season and running the table will depend on the O line, Lee's success. The defense will keep us in games. The running game, along with a healthy O line, will keep us in games.


TallySaint 07-20-2005 07:11 PM

Jump ship?

Nope. :wink:


papz 07-22-2005 08:34 PM

Haha... I'm pretty sure you guys will make it to a bowl game, just not the one ya want to be going to. With Bowden commanding that ship, I'm pretty sure you guys will be fine. I'm predicting a 8 win season for you guys. Tough teams in the conference.

TallySaint 08-01-2005 10:51 AM

Bowden: QB's troubles began before arrest

Sexton missed June drug test

By Steve Ellis


ORLANDO - Bobby Bowden said he still thinks that Lyme disease is the reason behind Wyatt Sexton's erratic behavior, which landed Florida State's projected starting quarterback in a Tallahassee hospital last month.

But weeks before police found the half-dressed Sexton lying in the middle of a Tallahassee street June13, FSU coaches wondered whether changes regarding Sexton were drug-related.

Bowden confirmed Saturday that Sexton was asked to take a drug test in early June; when he didn't, he was suspended until he could meet that request. Bowden also said Sexton had not missed or failed a drug test previously.

"We had told him to come get a drug test, and he didn't come - 'So we're going to suspend you until you come,'" Bowden said. "That was about the time the other thing (his being hospitalized) hit. I guess y'all had always wondered why (he was suspended). ... He just didn't show up for a drug test.

"The Lyme disease, I feel sure triggered the whole thing."

Bowden said coaches began observing changes in Sexton's behavior in April or May. By the time of the requested drug test, Sexton "was acting very irrational at that time. Very irrational," Bowden said.

"We'll get five names (of players) and just test them - if something strange is going on, especially," Bowden said. "He was acting strangely. ... Here's a guy who was a straight-A student, and all of a sudden he is making I's (incompletes). This guy is making A's all his life - something strange is happening here. So what's the first thing you suspect?

"But he had a physical problem."

The veteran coach used his annual meeting with the state's sportswriters to speak in depth for the first time about Sexton since the quarterback was hospitalized. During the June13 incident, Sexton told police he was God.

Tallahassee police reported that Sexton seemed to be under the influence of some "unknown narcotic or alcohol" hours after he had returned from a music festival in Tennessee. Billy Sexton, FSU's assistant head coach and Wyatt's father, released a statement later that week that the problem was not "drug abuse."

After Sexton spent weeks in the hospital, it was announced July 9 that a Pennsylvania doctor had diagnosed him with Lyme disease. Bowden said he learned more about the disease during his first visit with the quarterback at his parents' home Friday. It was the first time Bowden had seen Sexton since he was hospitalized.

"He looked like he just got up from a nap and can't wait to get back. ... He said he was tired," Bowden said. "They've had to be very selective about people visiting with him. ... The way they were able to get this thing down to Lyme disease is that we had two people in Tallahassee whose children had had it. ... They called Bill and said, 'Hey, Bill, my son had that, and he thought he was God.' When Bill heard that, he said, 'Gosh, it could be this.'"

Wyatt Sexton will not play this season to address his health. FSU said previously that it would petition the NCAA for a sixth year of eligibility. The Seminoles will start one of two redshirt freshmen, Xavier Lee or Drew Weatherford.

"He wouldn't be suspended for what we know now. ... I hope for his sake he can get cured of that disease," Bowden said. "They say you can. I just talked to him about his diet - boy, is it strict. But they do think he can get over it completely.

"His desire right now is to get back out there. He's got to go ahead and face the fact that he's out a year."


papz 08-03-2005 09:45 AM

I think they are reinstating two of their suspended linebackers... I guess that will be a boost for the Noles. But don't you think that's getting a little desparate? I've never seen Bowden allow this type of thing to happen. Usually once you're suspended... ruled ineligible, you're pretty much done for. I don't know all the details though... maybe you could fill me in.

TallySaint 08-03-2005 10:44 AM

From CBS

HOT SPRINGS, Va. -- Florida State linebackers Ernie Sims and A.J. Nicholson will both be in the lineup for the Sept. 5 season opener against Miami, despite their summer brushes with the law.

Florida State coach Bobby Bowden said Monday he'll handle the discipline since the legal issues are misdemeanors.

Sims was arrested following an early morning fight with his live-in girlfriend outside a university residence hall. Nicholson had a pair of run-ins with local police, including a misdemeanor DUI.

"There are more ways to discipline other than suspension," Bowden said at the Atlantic Coast Conference's football media kickoff. "You've heard of pain, haven't you?"

One of Bowden's favorite punishments through the years has been making players run stadium steps for mistakes of many kinds, including those involving police.

From Tallahassee Democrat....

ORLANDO - Florida State's quarterback competition between Xavier Lee and Drew Weatherford was among the topics that Florida State coach Bobby Bowden addressed during Saturday's meeting with the state's media.

The availability of linebackers A.J. Nicholson and former North Florida Christian star Ernie Sims, arrested in the offseason in separate incidents on misdemeanor charges, was also addressed as it was on Monday with the media who cover the Atlantic Coast Conference. Bowden reiterated that he would not suspend the two players.


Sims also injured his right ankle early in spring practice and is expected to fully recover by the opener against Miami.


papz 08-03-2005 10:49 AM

I'm shocked there won't be suspensions... has Bowden gone softy? You think they deserve it?

TallySaint 08-03-2005 11:06 AM

Actually, Bowden has been pretty consistent handling punishment through the years. The world outside Tallahassee hears more of the "high profile" stuff, I suppose.

Do they deserve suspension? Hmm... I have mixed feelings about punishment and/or suspension. Generally, I tend to be more of a "second chance" kinda guy. These are kids and they make mistakes. That's not to say I approve of the actions of some.

Regardless of what some may think, I think Bowden is pretty even-handed and fair-minded. That would be my personal opinion.


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