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saintfan 01-24-2011 07:06 PM

I Have A Brilliant Idea
Okay...okay okay...what do you guys and gals think about this...

Nobody really watches the pro bowl. Even people that watch it don't really care who wins. They don't hit very hard. The routes aren't run well. The defenses and offenses are vanilla. Bleh...why bother. Just elect the players to the pro bowl, give them their bonus, and send the money you'd spend actually having the game to a different charity every year...


Every year, one week before the super bowl, host a game featuring all the players under 50, who are willing, who have ever been to prison. Call it the PENAL BOWL. Think about it...

Michael Vick
Nate Newton
Cecil Collins
Hollywood Henderson
Dexter Manley
Rae Carruth

I mean, of course some of these guys are too old, and some are still locked up...but it would be kinda like the longest yard, only for real, kinda.

Sorta like a prison rodeo, and the NFL could donate the money to battered women or something.

Hey, it'd be better than the stupid pro bowl at any rate...

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