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WhoDat!656 03-06-2011 05:30 PM

The testicles of a Texas midget hurt and ached almost all the time. The midget went to the doctor and told him about his problem. The doctor told him to drop his pants and he would have a look.

The midget dropped his pants. The doctor stood him up onto the examining table, and started to examine him. The doctor put one finger under his left testicle and told the midget to turn his head and cough, the usual method to check for a hernia.

"Hmm..."mumbled the doctor, and as he put his finger under the right testicle, he asked the midget to cough again.

"Aha!" said the doctor, and reached for his surgical scissors....

Snip-snip-snip-snip on the right side . . . then snip-snip-snip-snip on the left side.

The midget was so scared he was afraid to look, but noted with amazement that the snipping did not hurt. The doctor then told the midget to walk around the examining room to see if his testicles still hurt.

The midget was absolutely delighted as he walked around and discovered his testicles were no longer aching.

The doctor said, "How does that feel now?" The midget replied, "Perfect Doc, and I didn't even feel it. What did you do?"

The doctor replied, "I cut two inches off the top of your cowboy boots..."

foreverfan 03-06-2011 06:02 PM

That was pretty funny.

D_it_up 03-06-2011 09:36 PM

A woman approaches the human resources director at the company she works for to file a complaint against a co-worker for sexual harassment. The HR director wants to know everything that went on leading up to her complaint so that he can file in his report.

Woman: "Well, I was at the water cooler the other day, and he approached me and said 'You're hair smells really pretty today'. I thanked him, but I was a little taken aback by the comment.

HR Director: "Un-huh. Is there anything else?"

Woman: "Yeah. Yesterday I was at the water cooler again when he approached me and said 'Wow! You're hair smells really pretty again today'. I thanked him again, but it really started to bother me."

HR Director: "Is there anything else?"

Woman: "Yeah. Today I was at the water cooler again when he approached me and said 'You're hair smells really pretty again today. MMMMMMM!'. I thanked him and walked away quickly, but I've honestly had enough of it."

HR Director: "Well, ma'am, I don't see how this man telling you you're hair smells pretty translates into being considered as sexual harassment."

Woman: "HE'S A MIDGET!"

st thomas 03-06-2011 10:53 PM

thats 2 i need to remember . funny

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