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saintfan 03-14-2011 06:22 PM

Bryan Adams weighs in on the NFL Lockout
Got my first real football
‘bought it for about one dime
Threw it ‘til my fingers bled
Knew I’d be a pro in good time

Me and the guys from school
Had a team and we tried real hard
Barry quit, Tommy got married
But still we played out in the back yard

Oh and when I look back now
The money never seemed to matter
Man but when I threw that ball
My Wallet always seemed to get fatter

These are the best days of my life

Now it seems we’re all just complaining
Though there’s no real job to do
Spend our weekends lifting weights and training
And yeah we’re Union too!

Standin with our union mates
We said we would unite for ever
Yeah and when we all held hands
we said the time is now or never

These are the best days of my life

Man we were feelin fine
We were young and rich
And had nothing but time

But the money can’t last forever, no!

And now the owners are changing
Don’t look now but the CBA has come and gone
Sometimes when I throw the old pig skin
Think about it wonder how my investments when wrong

Stranded on the Union porch
The damn thing didn’t last forever
And now all the fans are pissed
Wonder if they will be gone for ever

These are the best days of my life

Oh yeah

This is the lockout of 2011

Oh yeah

Me and my checkbook in 2011

Uh huh

<fade to close>

Saint_LB 03-14-2011 07:36 PM

Nice. If you only knew the image I get in my head when I hear that song...thanks...I needed that.

Pete 03-15-2011 12:15 AM

+1 to SF

Crusader 03-15-2011 03:28 AM

Don't we have any musicians on here? That should get recorded and put on youtube for players and owners to get to know what the fans think.

Srgt. Hulka 03-15-2011 08:03 AM

Nice Job Saintfan.

saintfan 03-15-2011 01:26 PM


Originally Posted by strato (Post 289615)
I can record it ,,but SF i need your permission.. Its in the key of D:bng:

Giddyup. Record that baby! :bng:

SapperSaint 03-15-2011 03:07 PM

awesome job SF!

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