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Possibly the worse joke ever?

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Originally Posted by foreverfan View Post
Good one!

I'm sure this joke will be told by me at least a half a dozen times before the day is over.
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It is the LSU locker room after Ole Miss has demolished the Tigers 48-0. Les Miles walks into the locker room shaking his head in disgust. He screams, "That is the worst display of football I have ever seen in my life!!"

Jordan Jerfferson, speaking on behalf of the team, sheepishly replies,

"Sorry, coach...but we stayed up all last night studying for that urine test you told us they were giving us today."
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Originally Posted by foreverfan View Post
Brett Farve, Terrel Owens and Ricky Williams walk into Sean Payton's office so Payton says:
"What is this...some kind of a joke?"
Ok, now that is funny.
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I have an old one, but I'll get banned for it so I'll pm some of ya'll.
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Send me a pm please.
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Why couldn't the pony talk? It was a little horse.
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Is that kid who sings that FRIDAY song.
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Horse walks into a bar.
Barternder says, "Why the long face?"
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