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saintfan 10-29-2011 09:55 PM

Don't Look Ethel - It Was Too Late...
So, as most of you know, I live in San Francisco. Well, I live in the East Bay 51 miles from San Francisco, but I work there.

So my inlaws are in from Texas and on their last night in town, this past Friday, they meet me at the Wharf for an early dinner (Wife and kids at home). We ate and I took them back to my office and showed them around Levi's plaza, which is on Battery Street just off the Embarcadero.

So, as we're walking back to their car, we see thousands of people coming up Battery on bicycles. Some sort of Halloween parade. They were all in costume. My father-in-law got hacked a bit because there was no way to drive. He had to wait for the parade to finish. It was a LONG parade.

So as we're standing there, I notice this guy coming up the street on his bicycle wearing a stitch baby...dude was nekkid as a Jay Bird, and riding slow. So, I told them they might not want to look...

They looked. He was offended. Me and the maw-and-law laughed our asses off...and then here comes another one, only he had a bandanna on. We (me and her) laughed so hard we cried.

I told them they could go back to Texas and tell all their friends they had a great trip and saw everything San Francisco had to offer...

...and no, unfortunately, although there were plenty of scantily clad ladies, none were riding in the buff.


foreverfan 10-29-2011 11:14 PM

Texas... where men are men and San Fran... where women are... men?

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