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foreverfan 03-04-2012 07:40 PM

Free Energy Suppressed by Government?
No Body Of Men Has The Right To Deny The Technological Evolution Of Mankind...
The Energy Crisis is a lie, here is the evidence.

If a civilization truly wishes to consider itself civilized, it must embrace all technological and scientific advances. The suppression of any technological advance, can not be tolerated if we wish to be a 'civil'ization. we must ask ourselves if we are working for the benefit of all mankind, or working for the benefit of a few businessman and politicians. The fact that we are unnecessarily poisoning our planet, our home, when their are numerous solutions, raises several questions as to why these technologies are being suppressed. The root of the problem is almost entirely one thing, greed. We as a society can no longer focus our entire efforts into what is profitable, because what is profitable is not always right, and what is right is not always profitable.

This interesting movie contains a 7-part movie covering various inventors and suppressed inventions. such as, Nikola Tesla, Marco Rodin, Stan Meyers, Water powered cars(HHO gas) water, dirt, and air batteries, "kelvins thunderstorm", Stirling engines, the "n-machine", and several others, well worth watching, even if you know a lot about "free energy" you may learn something you didn't know.

saintfan 03-05-2012 12:13 PM

Was talking with my grandpa about this the other day. It is my opinion that the technology to power our country without the use of fossil fuels is either already here or could be developed with a final push of effort.

It is also my opinion that many people will die - the result of corporate manipulation - in an effort to slow that progress. Hell, it's happening right before our eyes.

papz 03-05-2012 12:34 PM

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