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RockyMountainSaint 03-05-2012 03:06 PM

Bountygate on Fox News Studio B with Shepard Smith
Discussed the legal implications of this nightmare.

They led off by vilifying Williams and his ties to all of the teams he coached.

Nothing new during the piece until the legal panel was brought in.

Wait, it was sensationalist crap just like all the rest.

I just think that it is a sad point in our republic when this is news on a political tv channel when the Attorney General is 30 min away from holding a press conference where he will attempt to justify the murder of U.S. citizens by drone strikes. Denying (imo,totally despicable) American citizens due process under the laws and Constitution. The gist is: King Barry Obama decides they are bad dudes. So he orders them murdered. btw, one of the "bad dudes" was a 16 yo boy who has been labeled: "Collateral Damage".

Even Timothy McVeigh and Gitmo detainees got due process.

When the President decides who lives and dies, he becomes a monarch.

This is the last thing that I would have imagined myself saying: Ron Paul sounds more sane than most in Washington..............

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