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SapperSaint 03-12-2012 12:46 PM

Guns Guns Guns
I figured I would start and "outdoors" thread.

I am a big hunter/fisherman/gun nut. I love these things as much as I love LSU and the Saints. So I firgured what the heck. I might as well talk about some of the other stuff I like.

Since Deer season is over and fishing is coming into swing and I just shot one of my new guns I would talk about something else besides all of the crap going wrong with the team now. I will talk this week about the Romainian WASR 10. An AK 47 variant.

My father gave me a WASR 10 as a gift and figured since I have been shot at by a real AK 47; it would be fun for me to shoot at targets with one. :mrgreen:

Well, I have read countless reviews of how horrible this rifle is and how nobody in their right mind should own one. Well, I am not in my right mind and can say I am very happy with mine. I have held and shot the real deal "Bad Guys" AK 47 and other than the WASR not being full auto, this thing is just as good.

I fired 60 rounds through it and it never checked up once. (I understand that is not a lot of rounds, but my father has fired over 1000 rds throught it before he gave it to me.) I even let my 15 yr old daughter shoot it and she loves it. I don't know how many of you are gun nuts; but if you are in the market for one, don't hesitate for one second. Besides, you never know when zombies are gonna take over the world. (No, I don't believe in zombies) Now the thing about an AK is, is it is not meant to be a sniper rifle or to win a beauty contest. It is made for one thing; putting lead down range. It is a timeless warrior and built to be abused. The key is the gas pistion that makes the whole thing work. But I will get into that later if you want.

If you have any questions about the rifle I will do my best to answer them. If you don't believe in the whole "Gun" thing, you don't have to respond. I won't argue why it is important for you to own a firearm. More to come and I hope some of you will enjoy this.


saintfan 03-12-2012 01:02 PM

There is something VERY WRONG with a gun enthusiast using a pink rabbit suit Avatar...something VERY VERY WRONG indeed. :mrgreen:


SapperSaint 03-12-2012 01:35 PM

That's so I can keep people guessing!

Pink Nightmare!

Srgt. Hulka 03-14-2012 04:11 PM

I love my guns too Sapper. I've shot guns since I was a little kid. I love to shoot. Anytime anywhere. The only thing that holds me back is money and a place to shoot. My wife bought me a Smith and Wesson M&P 15 5.56 for my birthday last year and it has quickly become one of my favorites. I have truly caught BRD (Black Rifle Disease). I am thinking of maybe building one here in a couple of years, that is is Obama doesn't outlaw them. My wife gets a new dishwasher first though. LOL If Obama get re-elected we will surly see a major asault on our Second Ammendment Rights.

My Black Rifle:

saintfan 03-14-2012 09:27 PM


Originally Posted by Srgt. Hulka (Post 387374)
...I love to shoot. Anytime anywhere.

Ummm...hopefully not at McDonalds. I am frightened by this here thread. :mrgreen:

Srgt. Hulka 03-14-2012 10:06 PM


Originally Posted by saintfan (Post 387570)
Ummm...hopefully not at McDonalds. I am frightened by this here thread. :mrgreen:

OK Saintfan, I'll put you at ease. Anytime anywhere that's legal!. LOL

lee909 03-16-2012 02:32 PM

We are not allowed guns over here

Srgt. Hulka 03-16-2012 09:31 PM


Originally Posted by lee909 (Post 388321)
We are not allowed guns over here

Move over here! Come to Loisiana. We'll welcome you with open arms!

Then we'll go to the range! LOL

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