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alleycat_126 06-03-2012 02:47 PM

Graduation Story ( Funny)
After the graduation of a high school senior ( my friends daughter ) there was a party in her honor, food, adult converstion etc. Four men ( myself and three others) and one woman are sitting at a table just catching up. On the girls graduation cap it reads verbatim ZOIZ I did it. One of the men ( The one who is across from me is trying to figure out what the cap reads we all ( the men) finally figure out that the cap is Z's are supposed to be 2's and that it's supposed to be 2012 I did it!!! There's the icing, let's get to the cake. When we finally figure out what the graduation cap is trying to say. One of the three men at the table calls the cap a graduation cap...... To which the woman at the table responds ( in a correcting manner ) motar board? Every man at the table has the exact same look on his face even the one sitting directly besides her ( husband ) So she again repeats it slowly ( MO - TAR BOARD) Now we all have stupid looks on our faces. And the phones come out.As it turns out, a Motorboard long definition for a graduation cap.... Well, we all though certainly no one else at the party would know what a motar board was..... She exclaimed..... I bet Ira (guy) know ( Ira is one of the pastors that married me and my wife, I consider him one of my best friends). So we wait for him to approach the table. And they tell him the whole story, as it turns out he knows exactly what a mortar board is and he gives us another tid bit to nibble on. You get your motar board along with your Regalia!!!!! Again, puzzled looks on all the faces of the men at the table. Regalia, is a long definition for a cap and gown...... Then he ( Ira ) breaks it down for us (the men) " When you move up ( in education ) they stop calling it a cap and gown and start calling it Regalia. I was the same way you guys are now... Here's the difference, there caps and gowns are free. My (*%&in) Regalia cost $800 dollars!!!!!! Regalia it is!!!!!

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