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saintfan 09-27-2012 06:19 PM

The Great Chipper Jones
I've always been a Braves fan. Considering my loathing of the Falcons this is strange to some. It was because Ted Turner managed to pipe all those Braves games into my living room. I grew up with them, starting, I think, about 1977 or thereabouts.

I watched them go from sucking to being nearly unbeatable. I watched every night for something like 20 years. For real. Sometimes with my mom, or my younger brother, or my great grandmother, but I was there. I rarely missed a game.

It certainly stung when TBS stopped carrying all the games. In a lot of ways i felt and still feel robbed. I love football, but I love Baseball at least as much, and at least at some point in my life, maybe more.

Anyway, Chipper Jones is about to retire. From one play to the next, from one at bat to the next, hell, from one pitch to the next, he has embodied a baseball player. From 1993 to now. That he and I share a birthday on April 24th (I'm 3 years older) doesn't matter, but it's pretty cool.

He wasn't the slickest fielder ever, but he was damn good. He wasn't the fastest, but he was fast enough. And he wasn't the best hitter, but damn he was good, from either side of the plate. Most importantly for me, he was a competitor. Dude had a game face, and of course he didn't reach base every time up, but damn he was a tough out...tough...he made you work for it.

Anyway, he's retiring and I'm going to miss him. Baseball is surely going to miss him. I stumbled across this and it's pretty good. Those who know me know I hate linking to ESPN, but this is a pretty decent account of his career.

Farewell Chipper!

The many amazing feats of Chipper Jones - ESPN

QBREES9 09-27-2012 07:34 PM

Re: The Great Chipper Jones
He is, one of the Greats !

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