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SmashMouth 11-11-2012 10:44 AM

Rappers Rob Studio, Leave Song Behind
After two rappers allegedly robbed a Maryland recording studio, they left behind something other than their fingerprints: a song.
The men recorded a song called "Larry Hoover," for the notorious Chicago gang leader, before allegedly robbing three people in Copy Catz studio in Laurel, Md., at gunpoint, according to WMAR-TV, the ABC News Maryland affiliate.
"It is possible that the recording was just a guise or some kind of misdirection to come in here and do what they did," studio manager Carlos Garcia told WMAR. Garcia was not present during the robbery.
The rappers did not have an appointment, but knocked on the door during another group's session. A few members of the group stuck around and helped the soon-to-be-robbers record their three-minute rap. When the rappers were done, they went outside, and came back in armed with a gun.
WMAR reports that the rappers allegedly forced three people to hand over money and other belongings, but value of what they stole is not clear to at this time.
"To all who have heard about the incident at the studio," Garcia tweeted on Friday. "Thanks for your concerns. Nobody was hurt and nothing from the studio was taken."
Garcia and his employees suspect the rappers are local because of references in their song. Because the Laurel rap community is small, he and the police hope someone will recognize the voices on "Larry Hoover" and identify the suspects.
"We're working on the security videos of the area," Laurel city spokesman Pete Piringer said. "We're still looking for the bad guys. We're hoping somebody might recognize the voices of these guys and come forward."

Rappers Rob Studio, Leave Song Behind | ABC News - Yahoo! News

QBREES9 11-11-2012 06:39 PM

Re: Rappers Rob Studio, Leave Song Behind
DUMB, but funny

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