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Crusader 11-15-2012 03:55 PM

Help my friend reach his dream!
Debut solo album "CENLA" by Chris Watts

"I'm Chris Watts and I'm here to recruit you.

It's about the next huge step in my music career, CENLA. CENLA is my debut solo album and love song to the place I grew up, and the people I grew up with. I've been writing it for a few months now and the songs and arrangements are ready for the studio . But I need your help to get the album cut and distrubuted and make my dream our reality.

The songs on CENLA are a cultivation of my upbringing, musical influences, mistakes I've made, and lessons learned. Most of you will call it country music, and essentially that's what it is. I see it as a voice for my appreciation of growing up in a small town in the south, and it's the best material I've written. That's why I've lined up the best production team, musicians, and facilities to bring CENLA to life.

Kickstarter uses an "all or nothing" approach to its fundraising, so let's join together and make this happen, because this is your album!"

Debut solo album "CENLA" by Chris Watts by Chris Watts — Kickstarter

A really talented friend of mine. Listen to him and see if you wanna help out :-)

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