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SmashMouth 02-28-2013 08:56 AM

Crawfish Boil Etiquette
I have been promising my teenager a crawfish boil for many years now, and this might be the year. I never think about if it's crawfish season, I just wait until I see all the signs around the city that say, "Live & Boiled Crawfish." I LOVE crawfish boils, it's just that I would rather go to one than have one. But this year my kid will be leaving New Orleans for college, and I think I might have to cave and host a crawfish boil.

Watch the video here

There is etiquette involved in the art of serving crawfish here in New Orleans. Here are some rules that have been passed down through generations of my family:

1.) Always be willing to teach an out-of-towner how to peel crawfish (even if they are left-handed).

2.) When you are old enough to reach the table, you are old enough to peel your own crawfish.

3.) Only line the heads of the crawfish neatly if you plan on making bisque. Otherwise, you might suffer from OCD.

4.) Never eat more than 3 pounds of crawfish at someone's home, unless they are a relative.

5.) Never hide the heads of crawfish in someone's home as a practical joke.

I love going to crawfish boils and observing the rituals. My mom says her father would make the crawfish "walk the plank." Now this might not be politically correct, but the reasoning was all of the weaker ones would not make it into the pot. I never had the privilege of meeting my maternal grandfather he passed away the year I was born. He was known as "the friend of the little people," so much so that his grandchildren called him Bobby. I can only imagine that his crawfish boils were ones that family gatherings were made of. Being that he was a friend of the little people I also like to think that he would peel pounds of crawfish for his grandkids so they wouldn't have to.

There was a period of time where, because of allergies, and I was unable to eat crawfish for eight years. I am so thankful that allergy passed, because you can always mark me down for three pounds of crawfish (unless we're related, than make it six pounds). Plus, always remember you never have too much newspaper at a crawfish boil, so stock up now. This would be one of my greatest rewards for you to use this article at a crawfish boil. So, I thank you in advance!

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HouYat 02-28-2013 12:34 PM

Re: Crawfish Boil Etiquette
Etiquette Schmetiquette!

I'm just waiting for the price to come down as the weather gets warmer.

QBREES9 03-01-2013 06:57 PM

Re: Crawfish Boil Etiquette
Etiquette Schmetiquette!

K Major 03-02-2013 03:05 PM

Re: Crawfish Boil Etiquette
Boy o boy, I gotta get down south. No good crawfish around these parts.

RaginCajun83 03-06-2013 01:27 PM

Re: Crawfish Boil Etiquette
Etiquette my *** anyone hear about this year's boil at SkyMike's house yet?

SloMotion 03-07-2013 06:52 AM

Re: Crawfish Boil Etiquette
Etiquette? I am the scourge of the local chinese buffet owner community ... in a transparent attempt to save costs and avoid serving their clientele crab legs, the chinese buffets began serving crawdads, or what we up north affectionally refer to as 'crayfish'. They unleashed a sleeping giant as I've never cared for chinese buffets, but I loves me some crayfish ... they're like little freshwater lobsters, :mrgreen:, & I can put 'em down faster then they can put 'em out, in most cases, :lol:.

HouYat 03-12-2013 01:08 PM

Re: Crawfish Boil Etiquette

Originally Posted by RaginCajun83 (Post 483949)
Etiquette my *** anyone hear about this year's boil at SkyMike's house yet?

Haven't heard anything yet, but it shouldn't be that far away. I'm always ready for some mudbugs.

Mike, get in touch with me when you read this. Maybe we can start planning this!

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