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TheOak 05-02-2013 07:17 AM

The Big Coffee thread
When you think about subjects that bridge the divide between generations, cultures, races, politics, income classes, educational levels... You name it, coffee is the one thing that comes to my mind. 8-80, blind, cripple, rich, or crazy most everyone likes coffee is some form.

How do you like yours? The possibilities are near endless, flavored to black, drip to instant..

In the south whether at home or a motel, or at work you mostly see drip machines. When I traveled internationally I notices outside of the home its mostly instant...

Personally I have a one-cup machine, and since I have had it, the lure of going back to a drip pot just to be able to have Community has always been there.. Until 3 weeks ago. For those Community drinkers out there, the Community K-Cup is out and is damned good.

Supposedly it is making its way to most grocery stores, I know it will be a while before that happens in Houston. I have a Coffee iKon brick and mortar store not far from my house.

Community Coffee

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