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OldMaid 10-12-2013 11:24 AM

Gov. Edwards and his young Mrs, tv show.
Yes, folks, he is in reality tv land with a new , young 34 yr.old wife, young enough to be his grandkid.

Wait. His two old daughters from Elaine are in the show too.
Add the Mrs. two teen sons from her previous marriage.
Tv show , The Governor's Wife
A&E releases details on 'The Governor's Wife,' starring Edwin Edwards and wife, Trina |

Ex-Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards, 86, and 34-year-old wife to make reality TV debut in October - NY Daily News



Wherever you fall with him, your politics, whatever, I always thought justice would have have better served if he were stripped of his money and had the check paid out to State of LA , Dept.of Revenue.
Also, he could have been a law professor , for free, in B.R. at LSU and Southern Univ. Law Schools.

WhoDat!656 10-12-2013 07:54 PM

Re: Gov. Edwards and his young Mrs, tv show.
I miss EE!!

I remember when he ran against David Duke for governor and a popular bumper sticker was, "Vote for the crook! It's important!"

As the 1991 governor's race drew near, many of Edwards' friends encouraged him to abandon his planned comeback, believing that he had no chance to win. After Edwards' loss in 1987, a journalist for the defunct Shreveport Journal wrote that the only way Edwin Edwards could ever be elected again was to run against Adolf Hitler. These words turned out to be shockingly prophetic, since after the 1991 primary Edwards discovered his runoff opponent to be neo-Nazi David Duke. Edwards received 34 percent of the vote while Duke received 32 percent. Governor Roemer placed third, 80,000 votes behind Duke.

The runoff between an accused white supremacist and a former governor who was widely considered corrupt but was also minority-friendly, gained national attention. Support for Edwards grew in between the primary and the runoff. Louisiana Coalition against Racism and Nazism, an interest group, appeared to challenge Duke, with its leadership including longtime Treen supporter Beth Rickey, a member of the Louisiana Republican State Central Committee from New Orleans. The coalition claimed, but never proved, that Duke was still involved in neo-Nazi activities.[26]

Faced with the alternative of Duke, many who were otherwise lukewarm for Edwards found him looking ever better. Edwards found himself receiving endorsements from both Treen and Roemer; even Republican President George Herbert Walker Bush urged that Edwards, the Democrat, be elected over Duke. A popular bumper sticker urging support for Edwards (although clearly not produced by his campaign) read "Vote For the Crook. It's Important."[27][28][29] Another read "Vote for the Lizard, not the Wizard." Edwards said that this would be his final term as governor and that he cared about leaving a good legacy, which made many hope that the corruption of his previous administrations would not be repeated. Edwards won by a wide margin. Continuing his artful use of humor to deflate an opponent, and referring to his considerable reputation as a ladies' man, Edwards said of Duke that "the only thing we have in common is that we both have been wizards beneath the sheets." When a reporter asked Edwards what he needed to do to triumph over Duke, Edwards replied "stay alive." On Election Day, Edwards defeated Duke in a landslide, 61 to 39 percent, a margin of nearly 400,000 votes.

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