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mikesaintfan 11-04-2013 08:31 AM

can anyone tell me the pros/cons of the ps4/xbox one/wii u?

I haven't played games seriously for many years(since ps1) and I'm looking to get a new system for Christmas...mainly for my daughters(ages 5 and 9) whatever I get needs to be good for them...any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful...thank you

please use simple 1080pi 720i stuff...don't understand that stuff

TheOak 11-07-2013 10:53 AM

Re: gameing
Hey brother... I started to reply when you posted and got distracted.

I am an xbox fan mainly because Ive never been able to get used to the PS controller.

Hardware wise there isnt much difference with the exception that i do not think Wii does blu-ray.

The best guidance i can give based on your question is to find what games you think your daughters would like.

Here is a direct comparison of the three. You may want to scroll down past the hardware to the online features and bundle comparison.
PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. Wii U Comparison Chart - Xbox One Wiki Guide - IGN

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