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Alec Balwin makes anti-gay slurs.

this is a discussion within the Everything Else Community Forum; Alec Baldwin Suspended by MSNBC Following Anti-Gay Comments - TheWrap He was suspended from the station where he was a given a show....

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Alec Balwin makes anti-gay slurs.

Alec Baldwin Suspended by MSNBC Following Anti-Gay Comments - TheWrap

He was suspended from the station where he was a given a show.
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Re: Alec Balwin makes anti-gay slurs.

The difference in the outrage and media coverage is astounding.
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Re: Alec Balwin makes anti-gay slurs.

There was outrage and media coverage.
Yes, he has been known to say dumb things often and Phil Duck Dynasty , not so often.
Alec Baldiwn is a no body. No money maker. Acting days are long gone. He is old now. His big days are over.There is no money to made there by a company. There is the difference in the lack of more outrage to answer your question.

Liberal MSNBC, a station which no one watches anyway, fired Liberal Alec. Go figure. Liberal MSNBC was probably happy happy happ$$$y he said something dumb so they could ditch his show. It was a mistake in the first place.

Phil of DD and family AND A&E are going to profit more from this.
A&E will put him back on the show. It makes too much not to do so.
Actually, business point of view it is all good and win-win situation for A&E and Phil and family.
Does anyone really think A&E is going to get rid of this bonzana money million dollar tv show? Oh, lets break our contract with the DD Family and have our competitors pick them up. LOL, no way.
Did A&E really not know DD's family religious and political views? Really LOL!!!! People and I am generally speaking, you are so naive. I am not speaking to anyone here. The public in general are so naive.
A&E is loving this. This is a corporate answered prayer.
Overkill is not good for the longevity of the product. You want to get the most dollars you can get for the longest time you can. They have become too big. You need to pull back on the product a bit and want the people to want it more.
PR is always good even if it is bad. There is a lot of new buzz now about the show, the DD family, everything. Win-win for Phil and family and for A&E.
Happy$ ha$$ppy happy!$!$!$!
What are people going to do who are upset that A&E did this to Phil? Stop watching A&E and the show because they gave Phil DD a temporary punishment? LOL!!
No. LOL!!! That would defeat the purpose of their support of Phil and family.

Too bad the video of Phil at a church where he was a guest speaker , which was made long before his show.

Now, Cracker Barrel has pulled their stores ' DD stuff.
Yes, they answer to their corp, sponsors, gay staff and families, etc.
Yes, Cracker Barrel company has every right too same as Phil and family.
Cracker Barrell also, in time after this little punishment , is going to put back in their family restaurants more and new DD stuff. Is Cracker Barrel really going to send all those customers who like and buy DD merch and who like CB to IHOP or Denny's? No way!!! Lose all that money. This DD stuff is like printing money and is selling itself at this point. There does not seem to be no end to it. Kind of like the Kardadashians empire. Very opposite people, but same end result for themselves and their tv shows and networks and shows' advertisiers, etc.

People, this is all about dollars and cents. Money. Finances. Corp PR.

Yes, Phil Duck Dynasty has every right to his opinion and he did use his right. No one is stopping him from his right. He will continue to do. A&E has to answer to corp sponsors, on air and off talent and viewers who are gay, etc. and A&E/Disney whataver owns A&E has a right too .

BTW, I watch A&E DD show. Coming back at me won't work. I also used to watch the Kardashians too.
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Re: Alec Balwin makes anti-gay slurs.


Just like I said.

Also, Cracker Barrel is back to selling anything and everything DD.
Maybe they will even make some camo colored pancakes to launch a new DD collection of Spring camo and DD stuff. .
My opinion here. Opps, I need to shut up. I just came up with a good idea...Are you listening Cracker Barrel, LOL!!!
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