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SmashMouth 03-31-2014 10:06 PM

Seafood City's Al Scramuzza boils again: Mission Mudbug
Seafood City was before my time. The Gentilly boiled seafood house closed in 1994. But its proprietor, Al Scramuzza… let’s just say his reputation preceded my acquaintance with his work on YouTube.
Scramuzza ran Seafood City for 45 years. He's been retired for two decades, but his reputation as a New Orleans Character is well established thanks to television commercials that are better experienced than described.’s an introduction to a legacy of broadcast salesmanship I think we can agree is worthy of wider audience. My favorite sketch is the one where he examines crawfish with a stethoscope to assure their suitability for consumption. And his belief that crawfish can heal any variety of ailments is one I wish my internist would embrace.

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