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SmashMouth 07-20-2012 05:33 AM

At least 14 people have been killed and up to 50 injured after a mass shooting at a showing of "The Dark Knight Rises" at a suburban Denver movie theater, police

The violent and chaotic scene erupted about 12:30 a.m. MDT as a gunman stood at the front of one of the Century 16 theaters at the Aurora Mall where the movie "The was playing, police said.
"Witnesses tell us he released some sort of canister. They heard a hissing sound and some gas emerged and the gunman opened fire," Oates said at a news conference.
Police, ambulances and emergency crews swarmed on the scene after frantic calls started flooding the 911 switchboard, officials said.
Officers found the gunman near a car behind the theater.
"A gas mask, rifle, handgun at least one additional weapon (were) found inside" he said.
The suspect was taken into custody, but no name was released. Oates said there's no evidence of any other attackers. There was also no immediate word of any motive.
Earlier reports said there may have been a second shooter, but police believe only one shooter was involved, KDVR tells Fox News.
Witness Hayden Miller told KUSA-TV that he was inside Theater 16 and heard several shots.
"Like little explosions going on and shortly after that we heard people screaming," he told the station.
Hayden said at first he thought it was part of a louder movie next door. But then he saw "people hunched over leaving theater."

Read more: 14 dead, at least 50 injured in shooting at Colorado movie theater, police say | Fox News

SloMotion 07-20-2012 06:41 AM

Tragic ... you don't hear about a lot of shootings in Colorado, but when you do, they're "mass" ... having never been there myself, is there anyone from that neck of the woods that could shed some light on why Coloradians seem to go 'big' when it comes to this kind of stuff?

foreverfan 07-20-2012 07:24 AM

They need to make an example of him.

neugey 07-20-2012 07:28 AM

My thoughts go out to the family and friends of the victims. What a senseless crime.

SmashMouth 07-20-2012 07:37 AM


Originally Posted by neugey (Post 419919)
My thoughts go out to the family and friends of the victims. What a senseless crime.

Yes Indeed.... and prayers as well. Insane crazies out there.

SmashMouth 07-20-2012 08:35 AM

Looks like they revised the casualty numbers down a bit, thank goodness.... and they caught the guy too.

LBCutta 07-23-2012 01:45 AM

tragic......but now we spend tons of money to put this guy on trial when he is clearly guilty....smh

Wilde18 07-23-2012 07:19 AM

Here in germany the cinemas take action after the denver massacre. No costumes, people get searched when entering the cinema. Unblievable how many sick people are out there causing so much trouble and pain.

Somewhere over the rainbow!

Halo 07-23-2012 11:02 AM

Footage from the theatre

Cell phone video captured of a James Holmes shooting inside a Colorado theater at a "Dark Knight Rises" premiere.
A gunman wearing body armor opened fire during a late-night screening of the latest Batman film

Witness describes shooting scene at Colorado theater The Dark Knight Rises Shooting Aurora, CO - Tragedy in Denver! 12 people dead !

A shooting at a screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" at a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado early today has left at least 12 people dead and at least 50 people injured, authorities confirmed.

Police now have apprehended a suspect who has been described as an adult male and have recovered a gun after the shooting at approximately 12:30 a.m. CT at the Century 16 Movie Theaters at the Aurora Town Center in the Denver suburb.

Witnesses said that the man appeared at the front of the theater with a rifle, handgun and gas mask. Witnesses said that he then threw a canister that released some kind of gas, after which a hissing sound ensued. The gunman then opened fire on the crowd packed into the early morning screening of the film, according to people in the theater at the time.

An explosive device was also found inside the theater. Police are unsure of whether the device, which investigators are calling a bomb, was already in place or whether it was thrown into the crowd.

Ambulances rushed to the scene as audience members fled the theater. Aurora's police chief said that he cannot elaborate on women or children injured or dead in the shooting.

Once apprehended the gunman told authorities that there were explosives in his North Aurora, Colo. residence. Investigators rushed to the apartment complex, which was quickly evacuated and now under lock down.

Though police have said that they believe the shooter was acting alone, they are now taking precautions and checking all cars in the parking lot and clearing near the theater.

There is believed to be no connection to Islamic terrorism, per a senior official monitoring the situation in Washington. Investigators are now interviewing friends and associates of the suspect to get a sense of the man's background.

Mardigras9 07-25-2012 02:37 PM

That gives me chills, feel so sorry for the families.

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