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QBREES9 01-20-2011 11:02 PM

Homeless man is the king of fantasy football
Homeless man is the king of fantasy football

Three million people competed at fantasy football on this year. One man managed to rise above all of them, and he did it despite not having a computer. Or a place to live.
For the sake of comparison, I finished under .500 in a league of 12 people, and I spend all day with my face buried in NFL news, stats and highlights.
Obviously, Nathan Harrington, 33, of Salem, Mass., knows something I don't. Harrington ended up homeless after needing back surgery, going on medical leave from his job, and being forced to leave his home because it was condemned.
And still, he was better than over 3 million people at fantasy football.
He used computers at his father's nursing home, his mother's house, and the library. He knocked on neighbors' doors and asked if he could use their computers.
If you're wondering about specifics, Harrington drafted Arian Foster(notes) and picked up Brandon Lloyd(notes) as a free agent. He made trades for Adrian Peterson and Dwayne Bowe(notes).
Oddly, Tony Romo(notes) was his quarterback, but when Romo went down with a season-ending injury, Harrington had to make due with a string of borderline fantasy quarterbacks. He clinched the top spot behind Tim Tebow's surprising Week 17 performance against the Chargers. From The Salem News:
"My fantasy football was the one thing that kind of seemed to be going right at the time," Harrington said. "There was a lot to be upset about, but the one thing that was steady and heading in a positive direction was the fantasy football. So I thought I might as well stick with it and ride it out. Thank God I did."
For his unbelievable performance, Harrington won a $3,500 Best Buy gift card, which he's selling to his mother for $2,500 cash.
Many thanks, Salem News.

BringTheWood 01-24-2011 03:41 AM

Wow... He could afford a nice friggin' PC or Laptop with $2,500!!! Hey, it's a start. If he wins big next year, it's a down payment on a car, or even a few weeks in a decent motel to keep his feet warm. I jest, and in all honesty, that's a cool thing, to know that he cared enough about football, even without having a home. Kudos to him and his tenacity.

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