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papz 08-12-2011 01:33 PM

Papz Fantasy Sleepers
Couple of sleepers at each position... standard scoring.

Matthew Stafford - If he can stay healthy, he has the talent to jump into the low 2nd/top 3rd tier of fantasy quarterbacks. All of the weapons are there... he just needs to remain on the field. Megatron is licking his chops waiting for his chance at finally catching passes from Stafford over the course of a full season.

Sam Bradford - His football IQ is of a rocket scientist. He has the arm, the accuracy, and now the coach that will allow him to reach his fantasy peak. He's going to be one of the new generation franchise quarterbacks in the NFL. If you're going to wait on someone, he's should be a prime option.

Honorable mention: Ryan Fitzpatrick

Running backs
Fred Jackson - He makes one cut and goes. He's fast, explosive, and finally should get 300+ touches. Do not be surprised if he surpasses 1300 yards with 8-10 total touchdowns. He's a hidden gem stuck in Buffalo.

Knowshon Moreno - I don't understand why people are dogging him so much this offseason. He's not just a third down back. Not only does he have great hands out the backfield, he's agile, athletic, and has great balance. At worst, he's LeSean McCoy 2.0... and that's pretty damn good and can be had 4 rounds later. Talk about value.

Honorable mention: Mike Tolbert.

Wide Receivers
Mario Manningham - Steve Smith is gone... someone's going to take a piece of those 90+ catches 1000+ yards receiving. Manningham is an excellent candidate to do it. Nicks will no longer surprise anyone and should start seeing additional double coverages freeing Manningham up to sneak by defenders making big plays downfield. Do not be shocked to see him end up with 1000+ yards with 8-10 receiving touchdowns. He could knock on low end tier 2 WR value and will probably be drafted btw the 8-10 rounds.

Danny Amendola - Who? That's right, Danny Amendola. Does anyone remember the name of that short white guy that plays in New England? The one that's been to multiple ProBowls and always knocking on 100 catches per season? His name is Dann...y...A... I mean Wes Welker. He's going to get drafted really late and should provide a lot of value. I've always felt Sam Bradford was the closest thing I've seen to Tom Brady and Danny reminds me a lot of Wes Welker. It certainly doesn't hurt that Josh McDaniels has the keys to the offense now either.

Honorable mention: Deion Branch, Pierre Garcon

Tight Ends
Todd Heap - Don't laugh... I know he hurt himself again yesterday. He's a walking piece of glass it seems. That said, he's always been immensely talented and now moving into a more pass happy offense. One thing you should know about Kevin Kolb is that he loves his tight ends(that homo)... ask Brent Celek.

Chris Cooley - I would have liked to put Jimmy Graham here but he's considered a tier 2 tight end. What kind of sleeper would he have been had I listed him. Who's the Redskins quarterback? John Beck? Rex Grossman? Excuse me while I go and barf. You heard it here first... check down city and Cooley will reap the rewards of it.

Honorable mention: One of the NE duos... feast or famine.

Going to keep this short and sweet. Henery in Philly as their will be plenty of scoring opportunites and Coutu in Seattle because they won't be able to put the ball in the endzone.

Detroit - Suh, Fairley, and Jim Schwartz. I think it's self explanatory.

New England - Leigh Bodden. I hope the league didn't forget who he is after missing last season with an injury. Pair him with the emerging McCourty, Merriweather, and Chung... they'll have one of the most formidable secondaries in the league. Oh yea, I forgot to mention they acquired Albert Haynesworth for pennies on the dollar.

Honorable mention: Houston

Hope you enjoyed.

Memnoch_TP 08-16-2011 11:43 AM

At QB, I don't think last year was a fluke. Matt Cassel has a shot to be a nice backup with major upside.

I love me some David Akers at K too. Not just because of that 59 yarder he booted against the Saints, though it helps. San Francisco has that perfect kicker recipe. An offense that is good enough to move the ball but not good enough to score a lot of TDs.

papz 08-16-2011 12:31 PM

Once of the the top fantasy kickers, I dummied down his value due to the swirling winds in San Fran.

neugey 08-22-2011 06:53 PM

Good post and analysis. I actually considered listing Cooley as a bust however due to his injury history and the fact the Washington will probably be in full-blown rebuilding mode this year so there will be few TD's to be had.

jeanpierre 08-23-2011 09:26 PM

Some guys to consider:

Quarterback: Kevin Kolb, Arizona

First, Larry Fitzgerald. Second, Let's face it, Arizona isn't the pressure boiler that New York, Philadelphia, Chicago is to play; and that Arizona D can generate turnovers, ergo, quick scoring opportunities. And, are there any scary NFC West Defenses?

Running Back: Cedric Benson, Cincinnatti

Better known as three yards and a cloud of dust; Rookie quarterback; No more Chad Johnson; No more TO; Offensive Line is vastly underrated...

Wide Receiver: Vincent Jackson, San Diego

He gets to play a full, paid season; he's got the best quarterback that hasn't yet won a Superbowl; he's got the best Tight End in the last fifty years; he's got Malcolm Floyd to keep defenses honest; a guy named Nnamdi now has a Philly Zip Code as his home...

Tight End: Todd Heap, Arizona

He has a "new" quarterback that doesn't have to placate an overrated Derrick Mason; he's not getting beat up in the AFC North; he's in the NFC West; Fitzgerald will be stretching the field...

Super, Duper Sleepers

Colt McCoy, QB, CLE
Ryan Williams, RB, SD
Lee Evans, WR, BAL
Tony Moeaki, TE, KC

alleycat_126 08-24-2011 08:46 PM

I gotta stick my hat in this ring.

Mike Simms Walker, will give ST. Louis the burst they need.
Josh Freeman - Hate to say it but he was I think twenty or thirty points shy of being Drew Brees

JIMMY GRAHAM - If he makes my season this year, Imma nickname him "Superstar" like the wrestler.

jeanpierre 08-24-2011 09:03 PM


Originally Posted by alleycat_126 (Post 323296)
I gotta stick my hat in this ring.

Mike Simms Walker, will give ST. Louis the burst they need.
Josh Freeman - Hate to say it but he was I think twenty or thirty points shy of being Drew Brees

JIMMY GRAHAM - If he makes my season this year, Imma nickname him "Superstar" like the wrestler.

Agree about Graham, tried to pick guys not playing for Saints; in my FFL there's alot of "homer-hazing"

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