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jeanpierre 09-12-2011 07:52 AM

Picking your Poison
Keepers leagues are great fun as the teams tend to reflect a certain identity.

In the JoeSam Keepers League, team managers assemble teams that reflect a full squad sans offensive lineman (until they figure a way to stat pancakes and look out blocks).

Some teams have second tier QB, RB, & WR - but have outstanding IDP; this creates more parity in the league - give Hagan alot of credit for founding the league this way...

My team is ironically named the "Bruisers" - other than Cedric Benson, and when I went homer with Mark Ingram pick (handcuff is Pierre Thomas who outdid Ingram despite Ingram's opportunities) - my best core players are passing players.

Have Aaron Rodgers with Andre and Calvin Johnson at receiver; counting OchoCinco at my flex - I've got a bunch of Johnsons! I even had Chris Johnson who I traded with Colston to get Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush (the league awarded special teams play and Reggie was a Top 20 guy at that time).

But I chose to pick my poison and geaux with the trade for Calvin Johnson because his was the greater value in longevity and potential.

I figured running backs are hot for three-four years and if I could land one at least one of those years I'd be all set...

I prefer the keeper system because at least there is a little more continuity and trades, picks, and roster moves require more thought.

Curious if anyone in our league or other keeper leagues have any different take...:bng:

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