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73Saint 12-14-2011 02:34 PM

My second attempt to type this up...hope I don't lose it again. Anyway, I have somehow managed to keep my patchwork team going, and into the semifinals. But I have some major issues, and a few key decisions to make and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Firstly, I lost Greg Jennings last week. I still have J Nelson and M Wallace. I also have Den. Thomas and Andre Johnson on the bench, as well as two FA pickups I made in Donald Driver and Randall Cobb. So, who do I try and replace Jennings with? Driver or Cobb? Does Andre Johnson even factor in now with his new hammy issue?? Tebow has been getting the ball to Thomas more and more, but that tandem still scares me.

Secondly, my running back situation. It's absolutely ugly. Brutal. I have Donald Brown and Mike Tolbert. Ivory on the bench. Seriously considering Ivory to replace Tolbert if he is active. Also looking at picking up L.T., he is a free agent, but I just don't know what the heck to do here...

Then, the good problem. TE, I have Graham and Gronkowski. Leaning heavily towards Gronks, especially with Grahams back spasms last week. Again, this is the least of my worries.

At QB, I have Tebow and Dalton. Obviously Tebow has been magical in fantasy world, but this weeks matchup tells me to play Dalton in STL.

I need your infinite wisdom and guidance! I know my chances are slim, but I still have some star power, and with a little luck...who knows. :bng:

papz 12-14-2011 07:49 PM

Nelson, Wallace, and I'd roll with Johnson. Yates has shown he can get the ball down field and Kubiak isn't limiting the playbook with him in there... and he looks better than your other options.

My condolences on the running backs. Ekk! I'd probably still roll with Tolbert. He's a tough physical runner and should still have an opportunity for a touchdown. I'd flip a quarter btw the other two. Hopefully your WR's have a huge week and help offset your RB production.

Gronks looks to be the right choice for said reason.

I like both quarterback match ups. Tebow is playing against the Patriots worst ranked defense and Dalton should have trouble airing it out against the Rams. Personally I'm giving Tebow the slight edge because of the leg factor.

Good luck man... hope you make it to the Finals.

jcp026 12-14-2011 08:28 PM

If Johnson is on the field, I would go with him. I can't even comment on those RBs. Gronkowski and Tebow are good calls.

73Saint 12-14-2011 09:28 PM

Yeah my RB situation has been a joke all year. I started out with Hightower and was rolling right along with Tolbert/PT23. Then I waived PT23 for someone I don't even have any more (Percy Harvin maybe??), and a week later Hightower tears his ACL!! Fortunately my WR/TEs have been productive, except of course for Johnson and now Jennings!

Thanks for the input. We shall see...

73Saint 12-19-2011 10:38 AM

Hard to believe that Tolbert and Brown were my key players, and Gronkowski/Nelson combined for less than 10.

I still have a chance. Up by 12, I have Wallace in tonights game...and my opp has Pittsburg's Defense.

So hoping for a high scoring game, with Pitt eaking out a win on a last minute bomb to Wallace....

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