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thebdj 08-16-2013 03:22 PM

Keeper Opinion
Short and sweet this. I have to pick 2 keepers from the following 3 players (the rest are complete muck):

Aaron Rodgers
Trent Richardson
Calvin Johnson

It is a 12 team league and I am 11th to draft. I have provisionally gone with Rodgers and Johnson. For me, Megatron is a lock being the most highly rated at the WR position. Rodgers seems like the obvious choice but my concern is about not having a Running Back. Of course I would draft one with my first pick but with 10 picks before me AND a number of RBs selected as keepers, I may be left well outside of the marquee players. In comparison, there are a number of QBs who could be available that could still be very useful.

What do you think? I'm still leaning on Rodgers but I also think Richardson will be BIG this season.

papz 08-16-2013 06:46 PM

Re: Keeper Opinion
Wow... that's tough man.

Without knowing your scoring settings, man... I would go either Rodgers and Megatron or Megatron and Richardson. QB is pretty deep where you can land a very good quarterback in the 5th to 7th rounds... probably even later. If you keep Rodgers, still think you end up with two quality running backs in the 3rd and 4th rounds. Just make sure you go RB/RB with those picks.

lee909 08-16-2013 07:40 PM

Re: Keeper Opinion
Id have to say drop Rodgers.
Wouldnt want to but Johnson is by far the best WR and youll be lucky to get another good RB if you let Richardson go back into the pool

homerj07 08-17-2013 08:02 AM

Re: Keeper Opinion
Johnson - yes.

But I would go with Richardson. You are so low I think you won't get a good tier one RB.

Good luck

lee909 08-17-2013 09:50 AM

Re: Keeper Opinion
Just completed a draft
Took another another dynasty team(10 team/4keepers) and had... as my keepers
Matt Forte/MJD
Steve Smith/Randall Cobb

2 QB
3 RB
3 WR
2 TE
2 R/T/W
2 D/ST
1 K

Didnt do too bad as the only QBs worth drafting were Eli,Luck,RGIII,Romo so i had too move early.

Somehow got Demaryius Thomas with the 7th pick and lost out on loads of RBs as there was a rush while i took my QBs.

Drafted team

Robert Griffin III
Andrew Luck
EJ Manuel
Matt Flynn(Worth a shot with last pick)

Matt Forte
Shane Vereen
Andre Brown
Mark Ingram
Michael Bush(Had to handcuff Forte)
Rashard Jennings(Surely McFadden gets injured)

Randall Cobb
Steve Smith
DeMaryius Thomas
Tavon Austin
DeAndre Hopkins
Andre Roberts
Robert Woods

Martellus Bennett
Tyler Eifert
Ed Dickson


Justin Tucker

Took a few shots in the dark with the rookies but i prefer the chance one breaks out than the normal barnacles at the bottom of the barrel.
Happy in some regards but lost out on too many RBs i thought id at least get a shot at one of the rookies with my 4th rounder but was left with Mendenhall/Bradshaw so i took Vereen.I could have had Gore in the first but no way was i turning down Thomas.One or two of the rookies step forward and im fine but anything less will be a issue.

Strange question but is there a android app that will alert you to player injuries.Like what you see in The League?
Be handy to get on it early in the morning as im up at 4am and would like to snap up talent unopposed.

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