MudBugs VIII

On April 22, 2017 in the Woodlands, TX, we'll be holding our annual MudBugs crawfish boil sponsored by various "Hou-Dats" in the Houston, TX area. This year the crawfish boil will be held at Smashmouth's place in the Woodlands, TX.

To come and have fun please donate with the options below. The price may seem high, but technically this is also a donation to the website for costs involved to operate annually which are generally in excess of $3,900. So a portion of your donation will go toward your crawfish and the rest will go to the site.

If you're coming to eat crawfish, choose the $25 option.

If you just want to come and eat fixins, please choose the $10 option. (There are other foods and refreshments at the event).

The event is BYOB.

Donate $25 - Eat Crawfish!

The event is BYOB.

Donate $10 - Come along to the event and eat potatoes and fixins:

PM Smashmouth, Skymike or Halo on the site to ask as many questions as you like!

You can send Donations to the website for practically any amount by using the Donate button here or sending direct to our PayPal account -