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saintfan 06-09-2011 11:09 AM

Les Paul's Birthday
Today, if he were alive, he'd be 96 years old.

Go to "" to check out their tribute.

I find it interesting that Google would honor Les Paul, although I am happy to see him get the attention on such a grand stage. Still, short of a few of the 'older' employees at Google that remember Guns 'N Roses, I doubt there are many people there who could tell you much about the man, if anything at all.

Les who?

It is no accident that as Apple takes music to the 'cloud' that Google will ramp up its effort to be more visible in the 'music' community - and that 'community' includes pros, weekenders, and people who do nothing more than listen. Google is behind...again...and they're trying to catch up.

So, thank you Google, for placing the name of one of the greatest guitar players the world will ever know on your home screen. People should know who Les Paul was. But don't think for one second I don't know why you did it.


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