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QBREES9 11-05-2013 09:04 PM

Yoko Ono

saintfan 11-08-2013 03:41 PM

Re: Yoko Ono

McCartney's resentment of Ono dates back to the Beatles' end days, when she started accompanying Lennon to the recording studio.
She sucks, but Lennon allowed it to happen. Consider that towards the end, Yoko was ill and ordered to stay in bed. Lennon had a bed moved into the studio so she could be there...IN THE STUDIO...while they recorded. He even allowed her to have a mike hanging down over her, and she would frequently stop recordings if she didn't like them.

Are you SERIOUS Saintfan?

Oh yes. Very. This is not a myth. It's accurate. Paul, for his part, and in fact George and Ringo, did very well not to throw her out on her back side. How they didn't is simply beyond me, and I can only assume it was because Lennon would have had a tantrum and quit - which he did anyway.

Yoko was not the 5th Beatle. The 5th Beatle was Billy Preston. That's him playing the keyboards on "Get Back", and so many other Beatles tunes. Yoko was (and still is) a hack. Lennon broke up the band. Yoko made him feel okay about it, and that was her only contribution. George might have left eventually anyway, but I'd bet a million dollars that could have been weathered much more gracefully than Lennon hooking up with Klien and leaving the way he did.

She sucks - a terrible person in virtually every way. And Frankly Paul is nearly beyond reproach. The man is a class act and really has always been. Oh and by the way, his latest Album (okay, CS) is pretty damn good too.

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